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December 12, 2006 marks the 22nd and final release for Philadelphia’s Record Cellar Records with the 3 disc label retrospective, Record Cellar:Town and Country 1989-2006. Despite working with some of Philadelphia’s finest musicians and strong critical acclaim for almost all of their releases, they never scored that one big hit record that would’ve pushed them to the next level. So what started out as a project born of pure love for the music, ends the same way.This 50 s0ng finale is a fine overview of where they started and where they travelled along the way, and includes 10 new songs by some of the label’s best artists.

Neil Drucker from the Record Cellar CD Baby page:

I started a record label in 1989 called Record Cellar in order to support a band called ‘Flight of Mavis’.I believed in the artist. I believed in the songs. There was no formal plan for the label, just a passion to champion something that was becoming too difficult to ignore and walk away from.The pull was strong.I was never out there looking, but over time a number of similar
senarios developed, always triggered by great songs from talented “Philadephia Area” artists.I have had the good fortune to be able to be part of the music of Frank Brown with ‘Flight of Mavis’ and ‘Buzz Zeemer’, Richard Kaufmann and Kevin Karg with the’ Rolling Hayseeds’, Gerry McGoldrick with ‘Napalm Sunday’,’Emily Valentine’,and ‘Solid for Sixty’, Darren Schlappich with ‘Frog Holler’, Jonathan Houlon with ‘John Train’ ,Mike Brenner with ‘The Low Road ‘and ‘John Train’, and Chris Madl who is ‘Chet Delcampo’.Together,we were able to build a national profile for the artist, the label, and the city as we would become a well respected, critically acclaimed “Americana-Roots Rock” record label.

Our catologue lists 22 CDS including this 3 CD-50 song compilation which features 40 catologue songs and 10 new ones. As of the date of release, December 12,2006, the new ones have never been available before. Noteworthy of the new is the reuniting of ‘Napalm Sunday’ for their trip to the “Candy Store” and the reunion of ‘Buzz Zeemer’ if only for “One Shot”. ‘Foxycontin’, Richard Kaufmann’s current band rocks the leadoff track with “Next Time You’re On Your Own” , and local hero’
Mike Slo-Mo Brenner’ gives up the radio friendly “Child of the Sunset” featuring ‘Lauren Hart ‘ on vocals.The one and only
‘Frog Holler’ finds yet another nerve to touch with “Pushin My Silence”, ‘Chet Delcampo’s’ “Water Flows” with his adept production skills, and ‘John Train’ gets political with “Mulloy” while warming up for their forthcoming CD which will be called ‘Mesopotamia Blues’.I’m especially proud to issue a CD with new songs from ‘Paul Edelman and the Jangling Sparrows’, ‘Gas
Money’, and ‘Steve Yutzy- Burkey(of ‘One Star Hotel’ and ‘The Swimmers’).Those are three artists that I love and three that have eluded the label over the years.

This will be our last release.Thanks for the support along the way.

Disc 1:
1.Buzz Zeemer-This Town
2.Frog Holler-Couldn’t Get Along
3.John Train-Broke TV
4.Richard Kaufmann-You Never Listen
5.Emily Valentine-Understand
Flight of Mavis-The First Step
7.Frog Holler-Virginia
8.The Low Road-So Anyway
9.Buzz Zeemer-I Live Next Door
10.Rolling Hayseeds-Dead of Night
11.Chet Delcampo-Aglow
12.Flight of Mavis-Top of the Pops
13.Frog Holler-Stray
14.John Train-Cracked and Crumbled
15.Rolling Hayseeds-It’s Starting to Show
16.Buzz Zeemer-Break My Heart
17.Napalm Sunday-Paralyzed
18.Frank Brown-Don’t Say You Never
19.Rolling Hayseeds-If I Were More Like You
20.John Train-How Am I Ever Gonna Get Home

Disc 2:
1.Frog Holler-Least Most Wanted
2.Buzz Zeemer-Mystery
3.Rolling Hayseeds-A Man of Few Words
4.John Train-Take You Home Tonight
5.Emily Valentine-Try Try Try
6.Chet Delcampo-Coffee With Tom T. Hall
7.Rolling Hayseeds-Woolly Thinking
8.Flight of Mavis-On My Mind
Frog Holler-Pennsyvania
10.Buzz Zeemer-Crush
11.Mike ‘Slo-Mo’ Brenner-One True Love
12.John Train-500 Miles
13.Frank Brown-She Just Wants To Be Loved
14.The Low Road-The Irish Queen
15.Solid For Sixty-Where You Are
16.Frog Holler-The Sweetest Sound
17.John Train-The Sugar Ditch
18.Napalm Sunday-In My Yard
19.Flight of Mavis-Through It All
20.Richard Kaufmann-Shooting Stars and A Full Moon

1.Foxycontin-Next Time You’re On Your Own
2.Mike ‘Slo-Mo’ Brenner-Child of the Sunset
3.Paul Edelman and the Jangling Sparrows-Take Home Your Coat
4.Napalm Sunday-Candy Store
5.Steve Yutzy-Burkey-Emily,I Know You Can’t Hang On
6.John Train-Mulloy
7.Frog Holler-Pushin My Silence
8.Chet Delcampo-Water Flows Around A Stone
9.Gas Money-Comin’ Around
10.Buzz Zeemer-One Shot

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