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So a couple weeks ago on a Tuesday night, The Shots were second on a four band bill, a spot usually reserved for bands playing their first show at a club, essentially an audition on what is generally an off night club wise. What I witnessed was a tighter than tight three piece band churning out an amazing set of rock and roll that reminded of the energy of Live At Leeds era The Who mixed with a bit of Oasis and Led Zeppelin thrown in for good measure. Not only did they blow my mind, but they blew the two bands that followed them off the stage by such a wide margin it was ridiculous. Trust me, they’re going to be a band to watch out for in 2008 and are just one more reason why the Philadelphia music scene is hotter now than it’s been in years. Check out the couple songs below and head to their myspace for a couple more. They’ll be back at The Khyber in early January, I’ll definitely be there and so should you.

The Shots :
Colt – bass and vocals
Alex – guitar
Marcos – drums

MP3: The Shots – Stand Up For YOur Lovin’
MP3: The Shots – The Worth

Upcoming Shows:
The Shots w/King Of Siam, Rio Vouga and Action Set
Friday January 4th at The Khyber Philadelphia PA



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