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Ever wonder what it would sound like if you could take all your favorite bits of songs from the past 30 years or so and roll them all into one, some smooth 70’s soul mixed with some 80’s new wave ? , some crunching classic rock guitar with a techno beat ? Remember when music didn’t always sound so fleeting and temporary and tapped into that place that made you love music in the first place ? When radio still mattered ? When a stack of vinyl 45’s could kick a party into high gear ? Brooklyn’s Alan Wilkis has obviously wondered about all of these things and more, and better still, he takes it one step further by immortalizing his vision to share with all of you on his excellent new self produced album, Babies Dream Big.

The opening track Burnin’ starts with a plinky casio type keyboad part, then joined by a nice fat rhythm guitar all laced up nicely by some smooth and soulful falsetto vocals and by then you’re hooked. It continues on through eleven more tracks all forged from a soulful, catchy, and addictive collage of sounds of many eras. It’s been on heavy rotation in my player the past few weeks, and in a perfect world should be one of the hot party records of the year.

MP3: Alan Wilkis – Burnin’
MP3: Alan Wilkis – I Wanna Know

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