Death And Taxes

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April 15th, The dreaded deadline for filing your US income taxes. A jazzy little number by Grave Cowboys to accompany all the last minute number crunchers out there today.

MP3: Grave Cowboys – Death And Taxes
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Monday Morning Blues : C.W. Stoneking

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Some new music today from C.W. Stoneking or maybe I should say new old music. The music could just as easily be from the deep south in the 20’s or 30’s but it’s not, it’s brand new music being made in the land down under in Melbourne, Australia. Stoneking has captured with such authenticity the gritty storytelling blues style of a time now long past that you’d swear Alan Lomax was there with his field recorder capturing it.

Born to American parents in Katherine, Northern Territory, in 1974, CW was raised in the Aboriginal community of Papunya, (about 240 km northwest of Alice Springs). After his parents separated early on, his musical father raised him whilst teaching in the settlements. “I used to hear a lot of records from my dad with a lot of the 60s vocal groups from the States and things like that. He used to sing tunes with the guitar for me at bedtime when I was very small, like ‘Candyman’, and ‘Froggie Went a’Courtin’.”
It wasn’t until after he moved to Balmain in Sydney aged 11 that Stoneking began learning guitar. His interest in the blues was sparked as a teenager after stumbling across some tapes of two country-blues legends; Blind Willie McTell and Memphis Minnie.

Be sure to catch one of his upcoming North American shows and experience it firsthand:
April 18th NEW YORK, Banjo Jim’s
April 19th ROSENDALE, Rosendale Cafe
April 20th NEW YORK, Rockwood Music Hall
April 21st PHILADELPHIA, Johnny Brendas
April 22nd, NEW YORK, Pete’s Candy Store
April 26th, TORONTO, Drake Hotel TBC

C.W. Stone King – Dodo Blues
C.W. Stone King – Goin’ The Country
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Random Song Of The Day : Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – Glue Girls

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I’ll freely admit I openly ignored Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltin‘s first album Broom due to the excessive overhype, but I’ll sure as hell be going back and checking it out after hearing their new one, Pershing. Glue Girls is the opening track of eleven slices of sugary, jangly, pop songs that make up the new album. This will be a perfect soundtrack for upcoming warm summer days driving around with the top down or just spent hanging on the beach.

MP3: Someones Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – Glue Girls
Buy Pershing

Catch them out on tour now:
04/14 Mon St. Louis, MO @ The Bluebird w/ Via Audio. 18+ / 8:00PM.
04/15 Tue Indianapolis, IN @ Locals Only w/ Via Audio. 21+ / 7:30PM.
04/16 Wed Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle w/ Via Audio. 21+.
04/18 Fri Toronto, Ontario, CAN @ El Mocambo w/ Via Audio. 19+ / 9:00PM.
04/20 Sun Allston, MA @ Great Scott w/ Via Audio. 18+ / 9:00PM.
04/21 Mon Brooklyn, NY @ Union Hall w/ Via Audio. 21+ / 7:30PM.
04/22 Tue New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge w/ Via Audio. 21+ / 7:00PM.
04/23 Wed Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brenda’s w/ Via Audio. 21+ / 8:00PM.
04/24 Thu Washington, DC @ Black Cat Backstage w/ Via Audio. AA / 9:00PM.
04/26 Sat Charleston, SC @ The Map Room w/ Via Audio. 18+ / 9:00PM.
04/27 Sun Atlanta, GA @ The EARL w/ Via Audio. 21+.
04/29 Tue Memphis, TN @ The Hi Tone Cafe w/ Via Audio. 18+ / 9:00PM.
05/05 Mon Norman, OK @ The Opolis w/ Port O’Brien. AA / 9:00PM.
05/06 Tue Denton, TX @ Hailey’s w/ Port O’Brien. AA / 9:00PM.
05/07 Wed Austin, TX @ The Mohawk w/ Port O’Brien.
05/09 Fri Phoenix, AZ @ Modified w/ Port O’Brien. AA / 8:00PM.
05/10 Sat Tucson, AZ @ Club Congress w/ Port O’Brien. AA / 8:30PM.
05/11 Sun San Diego, CA @ Beauty Bar w/ Port O’Brien. 21+ / 9:00PM.
05/13 Tue Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo w/ Port O’Brien. AA / 8:00PM.
05/14 Wed San Francisco, CA @ Rickshaw Stop w/ Port O’Brien. AA / 8:00PM.
05/16 Fri Portland, OR @ Towne Lounge w/ Port O’Brien. 21+ / 9:00PM.
05/17 Sat Seattle, WA @ The Vera Project w/ Port O’Brien. AA / 7:30PM.
05/18 Sun Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN @ Media Club w/ Port O’Brien. 19+ / 8:00PM.
05/20 Tue Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Court w/ TBA.
05/21 Wed Denver, CO @ Hi-Dive w/ TBA. 16+ / 7:00PM.
05/22 Thu Omaha, NE @ The Slowdown w/ TBA. AA / 8:00PM.
05/23 Fri Iowa City, IA @ The Picador w/ TBA. 19+ / 9:00PM.
05/24 Sat Minneapolis, MN @ 7th Street Entry


5 On A Friday : What’s The 411 ?

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Today for 4/11 lets find out the 411. According to wikipedia the 411 is :

The year 411, the four hundred and eleventh year of the Gregorian calendar

4-1-1, a telephone directory assistance number in the United States and Canada
By extension, a slang term for information.

The 411, British R&B group

4:1:1 chroma subsampling

Volkswagen 411, a car from the late 1960s

Bristol 411, a high-performance hand-built luxury car from the 1970s

A three issue anthology, published by Marvel Comics, consisting of short-stories concerning terrorism.

.411 is also the extension for files storing extra information for pictures taken by SONY’s Mativa camera.

Well, what do you know.

1: The Beach Boys – I Know There’s An Answer
Buy Pet Sounds
2: Ray Charles – Don’t You Know
Buy The Birth Of Soul
3: The Blow – Knowing The Things That I Know
Buy Poor Aim : Love Songs
4.11: Beck – Lord Only Knows
Buy Odelay
5: Lesley Gore – Maybe I Know
Buy Growin’ Up Too Fast

Video : Panda Riot Covers MIA’s Paper Planes

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This is a little dark, but the sound quality is great. It’s Panda Riot covering MIA‘s Paper Planes from their recent tour stop at The Khyber in Philadelphia. And if you squint real hard you can even see me there in the crowd.

Artist Of The Day : Alan Wilkis

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Ever wonder what it would sound like if you could take all your favorite bits of songs from the past 30 years or so and roll them all into one, some smooth 70’s soul mixed with some 80’s new wave ? , some crunching classic rock guitar with a techno beat ? Remember when music didn’t always sound so fleeting and temporary and tapped into that place that made you love music in the first place ? When radio still mattered ? When a stack of vinyl 45’s could kick a party into high gear ? Brooklyn’s Alan Wilkis has obviously wondered about all of these things and more, and better still, he takes it one step further by immortalizing his vision to share with all of you on his excellent new self produced album, Babies Dream Big.

The opening track Burnin’ starts with a plinky casio type keyboad part, then joined by a nice fat rhythm guitar all laced up nicely by some smooth and soulful falsetto vocals and by then you’re hooked. It continues on through eleven more tracks all forged from a soulful, catchy, and addictive collage of sounds of many eras. It’s been on heavy rotation in my player the past few weeks, and in a perfect world should be one of the hot party records of the year.

MP3: Alan Wilkis – Burnin’
MP3: Alan Wilkis – I Wanna Know

Buy Babies Dream Big


Just Some Midweek Randomness

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A random ten to listen to as you meander your way through the middle of the week and on towards the weekend. Zen.

The Feelies – Slipping Into Something
Buy The Good Earth
Joy Division – Colony
Buy Closer
RunRunner – Bad Timing
Buy RunRunner
Elbow – Grounds For Divorce
Buy The Seldom Seen Kid
Duffy – Mercy(Rwemix)
Buy Rockferry
Expecting Rain – Not Otherwise Specified
Get St Cecilia Sound System
Billy Bragg – The Beach Is Free (solo version)
Buy Mr Love And Justice
Adele – Crazy For You
Buy 19
Seu Jorge – Fiore de la Citta
Buy Cru
Midlake – Roscoe (acoustic)
Buy The Trials Of Van Occupanther

LIVE : Carbon/Silicon April 7 2008 @ World Cafe Live

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A few pictures from last nights Carbon/Silicon show at World Cafe In Philadelphia. Carbon/Silicon is Mick Jones(The Clash,Big Audio Dynamite) and Tony James(Generation X) newest band. They played a set of songs mainly from their latest disc The Last Post as well as a cover of Tim Hardin‘s Reason To Believe sung by Tony James. A musically rocking show that was very reminiscient of The Clash soundwise but with a cool laid back stage vibe from the band. The show came to a rousing finish as a good portion of the audience joined the band on stage to dance the night away.

Sorry I have no photos, but Philadelphia’s own Matt Pond PA opened the evening with solid set of their indie pop, my first time seeing them, personally reminded me a lot of Spoon.

They didn’t happen toplay this song last night, but it’s one of my favorites from the current album. Enjoy !

MP3: Carbon/Silicon – National Anthem
Buy The Last Post

See more of Lauren Trzaska‘s excellent photos and over at Girl About Town

Mick Jones Photo By Lauren Trzaska
Tony James Photo By Lauren Trzaska

Youtube Tuesday : The Ghost Of Tom Morello

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Check this out. Tom Morello joining Bruce Springsteen on stage for a searing version of The Ghost Of Tom Joad Monday night in Anaheim, California. Be sure to watch all the way until the end as in the last minute or so Morello’s lead playing absolutely just explodes. Incredible.

HOT, HOT show in Philadelphia TODAY ! : A Place To Bury Strangers, Oxford Collapse, Japanther, Pants Yell! and more

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Even if it was only A Place To Bury Strangers this show would be worth attending, they are one of the best live bands I’ve seen in a while. But it’s them and LOTS, LOTS more. Rock On !

Annual PILAM Human Barbecue
April 5, 2008 Noon til ???
3914 Spruce Street
Philadelphia PA

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