5 On A Friday :Y-ABBA D-ABBA Re-Doo

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I try not to repeat the themes here on 5 On A Friday but today’s an exception. I originally posted this back in August of 2007 as ABBA-cadABBrA so the links are long since dead. That old post has been so popular as of late however I thought it deserved re-up for you all. Enjoy. Mamma Mia !

Why ABBA ? Why not ?

1: ABBA – Dancing Queen
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2: ABBA – Knowing Me Knowing You
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3: ABBA – Take A Chance On Me
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4: ABBA – Fernando
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5: ABBA – Waterloo
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New Music : racingpaperplanes – The Oars

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Click on the picture to get the full size cover art

Back in March Sweden’s racingpaperplanes put out a free digital single for their song In And Out Of Coma, an insanely catchy slice of alt country pop that has securely cemented itself as one of my favorite songs of the year. A week or so ago they released a new single for The Oars b/w How Did This Ocean Get So Vast. This time around they’ve chosen a bit darker brooding route, more akin to Heartbreaker era Ryan Adams or On The Beach era Neil Young, than the upbeat pop sounds of The Jayhawks or The Byrds they echoed the last time. Two more powerful songs that show this is a band to keep a watch on. A full length album is due very soon, and based on these early tastes it will be a keeper indeed.

A: racingpaperplanes – The Oars
B: racingpaperplanes – How Did This Ocean Get So Vast


Lots Of Fine, Fine, Music At This Past Sunday’s BOS Presents Night

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A handful of my blurry photos from this past Sunday’s Bag Of Songs Night at the M Room in Philadelphia with Upsincefriday, Beaten By Them, JP05 and Cedarwell. Big,big thanks to all of the bands for an excellent night of music. I’d attempt to write you a longer review but Jessica over at Popwreck(oning) has already done a superlative job, along with some much better photos than mine.

Click here to read Jessica’s review and see her photos.

Coming up this month: Sunday, September 28th we bring you another amazing night with Cheers Elephant, Butane Variations, Creeping Weeds and I Am The Heat.



Beaten By Them


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