Artist Of The Day : Bless 1

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Like many other artists do, Bless 1 recently sent me message to make me aware of his music and asking me to check it out if I was interested. What I heard was some of the sharpest hip hop songs I have heard in quite a while. Bless 1 is a hip hop artist/producer from the west side of Chicago with an incredible skill for lyrics and a sense of timing and rhyme that flow so well as to seem effortless. His rapping style reminds me a lot of Common or some of the recent Roots material.

He just finished his first album entitled Starving Artist, working with French producer Rythm from Art(Powell). He plans on posting the entire album for free download shortly. He wants to share his music with as many people as possible. Enjoy the two amazing songs we have posted here as well as few others on his myspace. Remember to keep an eye on his myspace for the full album, if these two tracks are any indication it won’t be long until Bless 1 is a household name right alongside Kanye or Jay-Z.

Also check out a recent Q&A with Bless 1 over at just like music blog

MP3: Bless 1 – Starving Artist
MP3: Bless 1 – Never Give Up


Artist Of The Day : Desmond Reed

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I am a young man who records songs on his 4-track in his bedroom. – Desmond Reed from his myspace page

Some truly classic albums have been made by musicians holed up in a bedroom with their 4-track recorders, Bruce Springsteen‘s Nebraska and Cody ChesnuTT‘s The Headphone Masterpiece to name but a couple. Desmond Reed may not yet have created his classic, but he’s been making some damn fine pop music there in his bedroom in Orange, Massachusetts. Imagine if you put Fountains of Wayne or Nada Surf and The Barenaked Ladies in a bedroom with a 4-track and told them to whip up a batch of songs. Now you have an idea of what Desmond’s songs sound like. Lyrics with a sense of humor and enough melodic hooks and harmonies to make Brian Wilson proud. Check it out. Dance. Laugh. Sing along. Enjoy the ride.

MP3: Desmond Reed – About Me
MP3: Desmond Reed – Who I’d Like To Meet
MP3: Desmond Reed – Summer Vacation


Artist of the Week : Chelsea Taube

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Hey all, I’m going to be on vacation hiatus for about the next week, so there will not be new daily posts for a bit. I’m going to leave you with a special feature on one of my personal favorite new artists of the last year or so, Chelsea Taube.

Chelsea is from RochesterMichigan, just outside Detroit. She is just 21 but has the natural songwriting skills people two and three times her age spend their whole life trying to perfect.
Claiming Ryan Adams,Bob Dylan and Patty Griffin among her biggest influences, Chelsea has a knack for poetic lyricism, and an ear for phrasing and melody that are truly original. She has voice that can cut clear through to your soul with it’s emotional power. But don’t just take my word for it spend the next week giving these 25 songs a listen and find why she is consistenly the most played artist on my ipod .

Note, most of these songs are just Chelesa and her acoustic guitar recorded on her laptop, but the brilliance still shines through.
MP3: chelsea taube – a lonely sight
MP3: chelsea taube – august and fall
MP3: chelsea taube – dancing on my bed
MP3: chelsea taube – desperate winters
MP3: chelsea taube – drunk and not married one of my personal favorites
MP3: chelsea taube – easy lover
MP3: chelsea taube – hillsborough street
MP3: chelsea taube – I should’ve thought twice
MP3: chelsea taube – love what you got
MP3: chelsea taube – misery loves company
MP3: chelsea taube – my only memory
MP3: chelsea taube – my sweet girl
MP3: chelsea taube – nicholas – a pure singalong pop song
MP3: chelsea taube – save my soul from the devil this is a classic, some people never write a song this good their whole life
MP3: chelsea taube – the shake some down and dirty rocking blues
MP3: chelsea taube – somehow if the pure emotion of the vocal on this song doesn’t shake your soul nothing can
MP3: chelsea taube – sometimes still the first song I heard by chelsea , had me instantly hooked
MP3: chelsea taube – stand still look pretty (the wreckers) listen to her outwreck the wreckers
MP3: chelsea taube – tell all your friends
MP3: chelsea taube – the truer you are(the bluer you get)
MP3: chelsea taube – theres no home for me
MP3: chelsea taube – underneath(hanson) if you never thought you’d like a hanson song try this
MP3: chelsea taube – wait wait wait
MP3: chelsea taube – wasted
MP3: chelsea taube – your best friend
be sure to also check her myspace for more songs and any upcoming show dates
myspace :

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