PHOTOS : 03.29.09 Canadian Invasion , Golden Bloom, Sudden Ensemble @ M Room

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Some photos from this past Sunday’s Bag of Songs Night @ M Room in Philadelphia with Canadian Invasion, Golden Bloom and Sudden Ensemble. Many many thanks to everyone who came out and all of the bands who trekked through the freaky early evening hail storm to get to Philly and deliver an excellent night of music.

Jim and Chris Of Canadian Invasion

Jim Foley & Chris Morita Of Canadian Invasion

George Groves(drums) And Eric Miller of Canadian Invasion

George Groves(drums) And Eric Miller of Canadian Invasion

Jim Foley, And Canadian adn Eric Miller Of Canadian Invasion

Chris Morita, Andy Canadian & Eric Miller Of Canadian Invasion

Dan Saks and Michael Azerrad of Golden Bloom

Dan Saks and Michael Azerrad of Golden Bloom

Shawn Fogel, Michael Azerrad and Jeff Patlingrao of Golden Bloom

Shawn Fogel, Michael Azerrad and Jeff Patlingrao of Golden Bloom

Golden Bloom's Shawn Fogel & Jeff Patlingrao and his magic shoes

Golden Bloom's Shawn Fogel and Jeff Patlingrao and his magic shoes

Jeff Preishcel, Doreen Kirchner & Wayne Garcia of Sudden Ensemble

Jeff Preishcel, Doreen Kirchner & Wayne Garcia of Sudden Ensemble

HOT: BOS Presents Canadian Invasion, Golden Bloom and Sudden Ensemble @ M Room

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I’ve been raving about Canadian Invasion‘s new record, Three Cheers For The Invisible Hand to just about anyone who cares to listen ever since I got an early preview a year or so ago. It’s one of 2009’s best records so far, filled with darkly satirical lyrics surrounded in gorgeous chiming guitar pop.[More] The boys delivered a standout show to a packed World Cafe Live a couple of weeks ago at their CD Release party, so don’t miss out on what promises to be a just as amazing a show in the more intimate confines of the M Room.

Canadian Invasion At World Cafe Live 03.14.09

Canadian Invasion – My Swashbuckling Days Are Over
Buy Three Cheers For The Invisible Hand
Canadian Invasion – Public Witness Program (Fugazi Cover)
Non Album Track


Shawn Fogel Of Golden Bloom

Shawn Fogel Of Golden Bloom

Hypertalented multi instrumentalist Shawn Fogel is at the heart of New York’s Golden Bloom, who were recently picked as one of “8 Undiscovered Bands Worth A Listen” by Spin magazine. They are currently in the studio with producer/engineer Peter Katis (The National, Interpol, Mates of State) working on their highly anticipated new LP. Golden Bloom‘s music is a powerful blend of solid songwriting, alt country and Beatlesque pop that WXPN’s Bruce Warren touted as “a fresh take on ye olde tradition of sensitive power pop.”  Shawn’s played Philly solo before, but this time he’s bringing the whole band down for a rare Philly appearance that is a must see.

Also be sure to stop over to see our lovely friends at Popwreckoning who have a contest running to give away 3 autographed copies of the limited edition Golden Bloom 7″ vinyl single for Doomsday Devices.(Thanks Jess!) Click Here To Enter

Golden Bloom – Doomsday Devices
Ltd Edition 7″ vinyl
Shawn Fogel – Leaves, Corners, And Stones
Buy One Day In The Desert EP


Sudden Ensemble

Sudden Ensemble

New Jersey’s Sudden Ensemble are  musician and visual artist Doreen Kirchner, illustrator of the Neil Hagerty comic book “Adventures of Royal Trux vol…10”  amongst other artistic achievements and Wayne Garcia, ex of the band Adrenalin OD, and a writer of the novel “The After Effects of Zero Gravity”. Their most recent album Life In A Birdcage is an addicting blend lo-fi indie pop. You’ll want to be sure to get there early to see them.


Canadian Invasion, Golden Bloom & Sudden Ensemble
Sunday March 29th
M Room
15 W Girard Avenue Philadelphia PA
8pm | $8 | 21+up

Bag Of Songs Presents : Bojiban, The Shots, Sugar Canyon

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It’s a President’s Day Weekend Extravaganza this Sunday February 15th in Philadelphia when Bag Of Songs Presents Bojibian, The Shots, and the debut of Sugar Canyon.

Up first the Philadelphia debut of Sugar Canyon, a blend of 60s garage, psychedelia and Beatlesque power pop. Full disclaimer mode : featuring yours truly on bass. Come hear what us bloggers do with our musical free time.

Sugar Canyon – Attack Of The 50 Ft Woman(early DEMO)

Next up, The Shots, they played the very first BOS Presents night and now they’re back for second time to blow you away again. With a blistering bluesy live sound that’s somewhere between ’69 era Led Zeppelin and The Who Live at Leeds, they’re a band you don’t want to miss in a venue this small.  Say you saw them when.

The Shots – Do Me Wrong

closing out the night in grand style will be Bojibian. Their Myspace bio describes their sound like this “the group draws from many different influences, at times sounding like some sort of post-modern mash-up of pop, post-punk, classic rock, post-grunge, Southern rock, and arena rock…or something like that.” I have to say that sums up the range of influences heard in their music about as well as I could ever hope to. They’ve perfected that fine musical art of being as familiar sounding as they are original, a surefire key to success. Their new cd All Night, All Day is due March 10th.

Bojibian – Hallway
Buy Bojibian EP

Bag Of Songs Presents:
Bojibian, The Shots, & Sugar Canyon
Sunday February 15th
The M Room
15 W Girard Ave
Philadelphia PA
8PM | $8 | 21+UP

TONIGHT !: BOS Presents : The Skyler King, Bridges and Powerlines, and Curious Buddies at The M Room

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Hey, the Eagles game will be over, so come on out and celebrate the win(or drown your sorrows, if thats’s the case) with some excellent live music tonight.  And since Monday is a day off for most people there’s really no “…but it’s a Sunday night, I have to work tomorrow” excuse to use. So let’s rock.

Kicking it off tonight with Philadelphia’s Curious Buddies, Steve Shwill and Steve Deal meld a swirling blend of guitar,bass and synthesizers over drummer Dylan’s, rhythmic percussive backbeat to create a sound that falls somewhere between 70’s punk icons Television or Richard Hell and modern day indie rockers like Modest Mouse and The National.

In the middle slot tonight will be Brooklyn’s Bridges And Powerlines whose album Ghost Types was produced by Chris Zane (Les Savy Fav, Asobi Seksu, White Rabbits) andreleased mid 2008 to universal acclaim, even prompting blog Ryan’s Smashing Life to proclaim them One of the most talented young groups on the East Coast”, a title well deserved. Keyboardist and vocalist Andrew Wood, bassist Keith Sigel, guitarist and vocalist David Boyd, and drummer Pete Mucek will have you hooked from the word go with their intelligent,synth fueled indie pop.

Closing the night out will be Philadelphia’s The Skyler King fusing the folky acoustic guitars and keyboards of Gerald King and Skyler Thornton with the stand up bass of The Wizard and Mofa’s powerhouse drumming into a mix that runs the gamut from the lilting country folk of Red Horse Rider to the snarling rhythmic Tweeker Girl.  A show you don’t want to miss for sure.

The Skyler King – Red Horse Rider
More The Skyler King
Bridges And Powerlines – Uncalibrated
Buy Ghost Types
Curious Buddies – Thank You China
More Curious Buddies

Sunday January 18th
Bag Of Songs Presents:
The Skyler King, Bridges and Powerlines, Curious Buddies
$8 | 8PM | 21+Up
The M Room
15 W Girard Avenue
Philadelphia PA

LIVE: DeJesus and Pow Wow ! Last Night at The M Room

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A few photos from last night’s final Bag Of Songs night of 2008 at The M Room with Pow Wow! and DeJesus. DeJesus kicked it off with a loose but excellent solo set which included a mix of old and new songs and a few covers thrown in, including a version of Kate Bush‘s Deeper Understanding. When not playing solo or with his own band Daniel also currently plays in Rasuputina. Pow Wow! closed it out with a fun and energetic set of original music. Eddie’s vocals take on a real soulful, almost Motown like feel that. really brings their songs to life live. See you all back at the M room on Sunday January 18th. Stay tuned for the lineup to be posted soon.



Pow Wow!

Pow Wow!

Pow Wow!

Pow Wow!

BOS Presents : Broken Trees, Pow Wow!, DeJesus This Sunday December 28th At The M Room

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Capping off a great year of Bag Of Songs Presents nights with our last one of the year this Sunday December 28th at the M Room in Philadelphia. Three fantastic bands to warm up your cold December evening. First up, a former Bag Of Songs Artist Of The Day , DeJesus will be performing a solo set in which he promises new songs as well as some surprises. The first time I ever saw Daniel was a solo set and it blew me away, he’s an amazing cello player and vocalist, I’ve been a fan ever since. Next up is Brooklyn’s Pow Wow! the musical project of the the Nazareno brothers, Eddie and Jeff, they describe their sound as “like the lovechild of burt bacharach and the supremes. from the future. in outerspace. fit for all kinds of dancing (and floating) to.” and I have to say it’s right on the mark. Really cool. Closing out the night is Philadelphia’s Broken Trees fronted by the lovely and talented Liz Boyd on Fender Rhodes piano and vocals, I can best characterize their sound as falling somewhere between Nellie McKay and Kate Nash. You don’t want to miss it. See you there.

Sunday December 28th
Broken Trees, Pow Wow!, DeJesus
8PM – $8 – 21+up
The M Room
15 W Girard Avenue
Philadelphia PA

DeJesus – Bliss

Pow Wow! – My House Your House Mine

Broken Trees

BOS Presents: Swift Technique,Dear Althea,Rogue Thief @ The M Room Sunday November 16th

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Don’t forget we have a really great show coming up this Sunday November 16th at The M Room in Philadelphia. Up until about a month ago I had never heard of Swift Technique, but after having seen them, how they remain one of Philadelphia’s best kept secrets I don’t know. Playing a unique blend of horn infused funk, soul and hip hop with a Philly edge, they are one of the tightest bands I have seen in quite a while. Blew me away the first time I saw them, trust me you’ll be kicking yourself for a long time to come if you miss this one on Sunday, they’re hot. Also on the bill are Dear Althea, with a sound somewhere between Sonic Youth and Sleater Kinney, they prove that the girls rock as hard as the boys. And opening the night. a relatively rare appearance by the noisy art phenomenon that is Rogue Thief.
A varied and amazing night of music all around. See you there.

Swift Technique – Lifted

Sunday November 16th
Swift Technique, Dear Althea,Rogue Thief
The M Room
15 W Girard Avenue, Philadelphia PA
21+ / $8 / 8PM

Swift Technique [MYSPACE]
Dear Althea [MYSPACE]
Rogue Thief [MYSPACE]

How Not To Get Your Picture In The Paper

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Want to know how not to get your picture in the paper ?

Take your first real vacation in about five years on the same week that Philadelphia Weekly decides they need to interview you for a special cover story on blogging for their annual music issue.
And, during said vacation, end up being in the middle of the Nevada desert with no cell phone service when they try to call you for a real interview so you have to end up scrobbling together some too short answers to their questions in the middle of the night at an internet kiosk in a Las Vegas hotel lobby.

It’s not all bad though, we still made the story, so be sure you read Brian Mcmanus’s feature on Philadelphia bloggers in the Philadelphia Weekly today.

Check out the web version of the story here.

Catching Up After A Week Away…

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Back catching up on a few things today after a week away. If you ever get to Las Vegas I highly recommend the Beatles themed, LOVE Cirque Du Soleil show, it is excellent. A little lighter on the acrobatics than your usual Cirque Du Soleil show but chock full of cool special effects and rare Beatles audio snippets.

I had left you all with a nice mix to tide you over for the week while I was away, if you’re wondering where it went, well apparently it was too good and got BOS smacked with it’s first DMCA takedown notice, causing Google/Blogspot to immediately pull the post. I can’t repost the songs, but for those of you who missed it, here’s the playlist.

I Party, You Party, We All Party Down
Eli “Paperboy” Reed And The True Loves – (Doin’ The)Boom Boom [Roll With You]
James Hunter – She’s Got A Way [The Hard Way]
The Clash – Wrong ‘Em Boyo [London Calling]
Alice Cooper – Be My Lover [Mascara & Monsters]
Black Kids – Look At Me(When I Rock Wichoo) [Partie Traumatic]
The Ting Tings – Fruit Machine [We Started Nothing]
Michael Franti & Spearhead – Say Hey (I Love You) [All Rebel Rockers]
The Pretenders – Break Up The Concrete [Break Up The Concrete]
The Sonics – Psycho [Nuggets]
My Name Is George – You’re No Good [Black And Blue]
Beck – Gamma Ray [Modern Guilt]
Cold War Kids – Something Is Not Right With Me [Loyalty To Loyalty]
Kanye West – Love Lockdown #2 [808s And Heartbreak]

Our friends in Canadian Invasion have also been busy this week, their excellent new album Three Cheers For The Invisible Hand is now set for a February 2009 release date and graphic artist Melinda The Martian has created a video for the title track. They’ve also put together a Phillies fight song to help usher the Phils into a World Series win against Tampa Bay. Check ’em out.

Canadian Invasion – Three Cheers For The Invisible Hand

Canadian Invasion – C’mon, Phils! Fight

MP3: Canadian Invasion – C’mon, Phils! Fight

In the help wanted column, bass players in Brooklyn take note, I Am The Heat is looking for a new bass player. Heres’ the scoop from their myspace blog:

Looking for a Bassist!
Category: Music

Sadly, Anthony has left the band to pursue his endeavors as an all-star graphic designer. He will be missed. So we’re going to finish up these last few shows with him and in the meantime, we’re looking to fill his shoes. Here is the ad we’re posting everywhere:

A fun, catchy, raucous, danceable indierock quartet (including you). We gig 1-2 times per month to an ever-increasing crowd of friends and fans. Our live show is awesome. We practice twice a week in WB. We have an UNSHARED lock-out that’s really nice!

We’ve self-released 2 EPs and gotten some very positive feedback ( We’re currently spending our time compiling material for a full-length record. And we’ve recently filmed for the Fearless Music TV show – our spot should air in a month or so. . Things are going well…

– accomplished bassist
– comfortable writing collaboratively (we really stress this – we write as a band)
– ability to quickly learning a set’s worth of existing material
– energetic, enthusiastic, and dedicated
– someone who loves to hang out/party/etc. We love fun. You should too. We’re all good friends, blah blah blah.
– someone who will take this serious. We all have full-time jobs, but we do intend to start taking small tours (days, not weeks) within the next few months.

* ability to sing backing vocals is a plus!

This is a great opportunity to join a rad band with some fantastic momentum. If you are interested, please check out the tracks we have online (links below) and then message us with some juicy details about YOU! Influences? Best show you’ve ever seen? Best show you’ve ever played? Links to previous bands are welcome!

Please note: at this time we are only looking for bass players.

Have a fantastic day!
I am the Heat

I Am The Heat – What Would Lou Reed Do?
Buy The Future Doesn’t Need Us

And one more reminder, don’t forget :
The Bag Of Songs 2nd Anniversary Party
8PM at The M Room
15 W Girard Ave in Philadelphia PA
co hosted by my friends from Girl About Town
with The Swimmers,The Figgs, The Thirteen,and Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears

BOS Presents : Our 2nd Anniversary Party with The Swimmers,The Figgs,The Thirteen and Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears

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Be Sure to head on out to the M Room this coming Sunday for The Bag Of Songs 2nd Anniversary Party co- hosted by my friends from Girl About Town and with four amazing bands. The shimmering pop of The Swimmers,the legendary Figgs, brand new music from Philadelphia’s The Thirteen, and the funk soul workout of Joe Lewis And The Honeybears. It’s going to be one hell of a party.

The Swimmers – Pocketful Of Gold

Sunday October 26th
Bag Of Songs 2nd Anniversary Party !
Co-hosted by our friends from Girl About Town
with The Swimmers, The Figgs ,The Thirteen,and Black Joe Lewis and The Honey Bears
At The M Room
15 W Girard Ave Philadelphia PA
8PM – $8

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