LIVE : Kimya Dawson 1.19.08 @ AKA Records

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Photo by Lauren Trzaska via Girl About Town

You’d pretty much have to be living under a rock to have not witnessed the emormous popularity of the new movie Juno and it’s accompanying soundtrack chock full of Kimya Dawson songs. Last night Kimya played two shows in Philadelphia, I caught the second show along with my fellow bloggers and Girl About Town friends Carly,Royce and Lauren. It was a free in store at Philadelphia’s AKA Music and even though she had just finished a full show shortly before, Kimya played nearly an hour’s worth of songs that held the crowd’s rapt attention. See Carly’s post over at Girl About Town for a much more eloquent take on the evening. And if you’ve never heard Kimya before here’s a taste for you

MP3: Kimya Dawson – I Like Giants
Buy Remember That I Love You

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While I spent the last couple days slacking…my friends were busy

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While I spent the last couple days slacking post wise, my friends in blogland have kept it cracking for you. Lots of good stuff coming your way soon I promise, the “need to write about them on the blog” pile of cds has stacked up quite significantly over the holidays.

Meanwhile, click, click, click away:

Hot off a guest spot on the New Year’s Day edition of NPR’s World Cafe (complete with a shout out to yours truly, Thanks HB!), Heather at I Am Fuel, You Are Friends introduces you all to the hot sounds of Half Acre Day.

My favorite Girl About Town girls, Carly, Royce, and Amy, have been busy little bees, with features on Nicole Reynolds, Kate Nash, Rivers Cuomo‘s new solo disc and more.

Julio cuts loose with his his albums of the year over at Cause=Time

Trip and Michael and numerous guests start a new year end tradition with the Teenage Kicks Best of 2007.

Kate, whose writing is as amazing as her musical taste, shares her Favorites of 2007 for you over at The Glorious Hum

Tony lets The Screen Door fly open with his top ten of 2007 and also unleashes his Idiot’s Guide to John Mellencamp via Popdose, Jeffito’s triumphant return the the blogosphere.

The Duke of The Late Greats unfurls the final piece of his Beta-Alpha-Cal favorites of 2007 and more.

Thank You Friends !

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Thank You !
…to all of you who stop by here everyday to read ,listen and comment, and to all of the artists whose work has been featured here over the past year or so. Enjoy your day wherever you may be and safe travels to all.

MP3: Big Star – Thank You Friends
Buy Third/Sister Lovers

Here’s a few Thanksgiving treats from some of our blogging friends for you today

Aquarium Drunkard keeps the tradition alive with his annual airing of Alice’s Restaurant.

Heather at I Am Fuel,You Are Friends recaps her first two years of blogging and celebrates Thanksgiving with an amazing ode to going home.

Pitchfork and Jagjaguwar records bring the first taste of of the new Black Mountain record In The Future, coming in January.
MP3: Black Mountain – Tyrants
Buy In The Future

Our friend The Duke over at The Late Greats left us with a nice mix of Thanksgiving tunes before heading off for the Holiday.

And what would Thanksgiving be without leftovers. Well, Casey at The College Crowd Digs Me doesn’t exactly have leftovers but does have a nice writeup on the Kansas classic Leftoverture.

Wednesday Night Bloghopping

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Some bloghopping stops to entertain you while my next real post lingers behind schedule.

Make Kate’s day by stopping by and wishing The Glorious Hum a Happy 2nd Birthday.

Heather loves The Swimmers almost as much as I do, get their live EP at I Am Fuel,You Are Friends.

Michael and Trip at Teenage Kicks share their excellent new discovery Jeremy Fisher.

Bruce does double duty bringing us Mary Louise Parker shaking the moneymaker on a pool table to Illinois on his new blog Philadelphia Freedom, and a taste of some exclusive live Spoon at Some Velvet Blog

Powerpopulist finds the good stuff for you so you don’t have to

Heather’s not the only show in Colorado, Julio at Cause=Time brings an endless stream of new and excellent music your way

And last but not least don’t miss my trip back through high school as I guest blog with The Duke over at The Late Greats

Sunday Morning Bloghopping

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Some Sunday morning bloghopping for you to enjoy while you drink your coffee.

Be sure to stop by The Glorious Hum and see why Kate has become one of my new favorite daily reads.

Bruce at Some Velvet Blog has an excellent Little Feat restrospective as well as a video look at the bands who have been on The Simpsons

Casey at The College Crowd Digs Me looks inside Wilco’s Being There and also has a great introduction to Randy Newman

Over at I Am Fuel, You Are Friends, Heather and Ryan Adams become BFF’s

Looking for a band of brothers ? The Duke over at The Late Greats has one(in fact, has many) for you

For all you locals, Matt at The BM Rant has an updated list of all the upcoming shows in Philadelphia

Bloghopping : Summer Mixers

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Summer’s here so put on your party pants and head on out to a summer mixer

The Surfs Up with our friend The Duke over at The Late Greats

All Heather at I Am Fuel You Are Friends wants is an Umbrella in Her Drink

Covert Curiosity asks It’s Not Summer Yet ?

while Pretending Life Is Like A Song answers with It’s Not Summer Yet, But..

OOFT has Ali’s Summer Slow Down Mix

The Battering Room is Down And Out At The Rooftop Hang and also tells us “Blog House is Dead, Long Live Blog House”

The Phoenix has Soul Clap’s Night House Party Mix throws a Hipster Graduation party

Its a sticky summer mix at Disco Not Disco

Disco Belle has the Round Table Knights

Bloghopping : Jeff Buckley,Smashing Pumpkins,The Police,Joy Division,Springsteen,The Clientele

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Some odds and ends from around the blogosphere.

Heather at I Am Fuel,You Are Friends has a heartfelt and insightful post on the tenth anniversary of Jeff Buckley’s death.

Shameless Complacency points us to brand new live Smashing Pumpkins from the Grand Rex in Paris at

Stereogum tips us off to the trailer from the new Ian Curtis/Joy Division biopic.

What Became Of The Likely Broads has the setlist of the first full show of the Police Reunion tour from Vancouver.

A Deeper Shade Of Soul has a newly unearthed copy of a Springsteen concert from 12/31/75 at the Tower Theater in Philadelphia. (Part 1, Part 2)Originally mixed from multi track master tapes intended for a live album that never saw the light of day until now.

God Save The Clientele is fast becoming one of my favorites of the year. The Smudge Of Ashen Fluff brings us The Clientele Live on KCRW from 5/24/07.


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Some other things from around the blog-o-sphere for today.

So Much Silence has a live set from the Broken West on KCRW from 4/19/07

Heather at I Am Fuel,You Are Friends has the new Paul McCartney single –Ever Present Past from his debut Starbucks release.

Teenage Kicks profiles the letter “C” in their ongoing Alphabet Project

YouTube has the new Snow Patrol song/video from – Signal Fire – From the Spiderman 3 Soundtrack

The Yellow Stereo‘s Daily Graboid for this week features mp3s from eighteen of this week’s new releases