One Down, Many More To Go (No Radiohead Content)

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Bag Of Songs turns one this week. Wow, has it been a whole year already ? Thanks for coming along for the ride, hopefully you heard something you liked, or made you laugh, or at least surprised you in some way. A very special thanks to all the artists who have been featured here and to all of the great friends I have made along the way that make it matter.
Lot’s more goodies still to come , stay tuned.

Here’s a mixed dozen of the amazing independent artists that have been featured here over the past year.

Bag Of Songs Turns One
01: Chelsea Taube – Save My Soul From The Devil [MYSPACE]
02: The Swimmers – Pocket Full Of Gold [WEBSITE] [MYSPACE]
03: Creeping Weeds – Billy Pilgrim [WEBSITE] [MYSPACE]
04: The A – Sides – A Florida Grove [WEBSITE] [MYSPACE]
05: Elliot Jack – My Tongue In Vickie [WEBSITE] [MYSPACE]
06: Bless 1 – Starving Artist [MYSPACE]
07: Birds.Fled.From.Me – The Resisted [WEBSITE] [MYSPACE]
08: Morgan Ryan – Hallelu [MYSPACE]
09: Shrinking Islands – Swallowed In Grace [WEBSITE] [MYSPACE]
10: Desmond Reed – New [MYSPACE]
11: The Celebrities – East Coast Girls [WEBSITE] [MYSPACE]
12: Saturna – Pop Rocks [WEBSITE] [MYSPACE]

ZIP: Bag The Whole Dozen

Artist Of The Day : Elliot Jack

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Music To Make You Feel Better is the title of the most recent album from Birmingham, UK’s Elliot Jack. Its seven songs are a warm, ethereal blend of keyboards, guitars, sampled sounds and the occasional vocal. Often hypnotic and always compelling, each song seems to wash over you with its own sense of serene calm. Olympus Mons starts with just a keyboard, eventually adding guitar, drums, and other sounds, building to an intricate climax before slowly fading away just as it started. Kind of like a surprise rain shower on a sunny afternoon that disappears as quickly as it arrives. My personal favorite on the album, My Tongue In Vickie uses voice samples interwoven with softly strummed guitar and keyboard to create an almost Alice In Wonderland type feel as a female voice repeats “you have to catch me” over and over amongst the mix. I can just picture a surreal dreamlike chase scene happening throughout the song. All of the songs conjure up images in your mind, like the soundtrack to a dream you haven’t had yet.

The BBC have also taken to Elliot Jack as well using their music for the TV show Countryfile and a short Film entitled “Over The Edge”

How can you not love a band that lists Dr. Who, Shostakovich, and volcanoes among its influences. Elliot Jack are currently working on a new 10 track album to be released later this year, you can hear some samples of the new songs on the band’s myspace page.

Elliot Jack :
Rob – microkorg, casio PT-30, yamaha MU-15, yamaha VSS-30, zoom sampletrak, hohner melodica
Rich – epiphone rivera, zoom 2020, boss RC-20, digitech jamman, art and lutherie electro acoustic
Simon – G4, takamine EAN10, alesis SR16, vocals
Jon – fender jazz bass, vocals

MP3: Elliot Jack – My Tongue In Vickie
MP3: Elliot Jack – Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

Upcoming Shows
May 25 2007 8:00P Kings Heath Mobile Disco @ Hare & Hounds Birmingham

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