Exclusive First Listen Part 4: Golden Bloom – Fan The Flames

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Last night I felt infinite… Shawn Fogel from She Leaves Me Poetry

If you’re regular reader here it’s no secret that we’re big Shawn Fogel/Golden Bloom fans. Today I’m proud and honored to be a part of bringing you an exclusive first listen to Golden Bloom‘s new Fan The Flames disc along with 8 other sites who will be debuting a track a week leading up to the August 18th official release date.  It all started off a few weeks back with Magnet Magazine and the lead off track E.H.M., followed by a special Ruby Isle remix of Doomsday Devices at Under The Radar, and last week Tuneraker had Fan The Flames. Today we have the fourth track on the record, and one of my personal favorites, She Leaves Me Poetry, a slow burning chronicle of a relationship that I can easily picture playing as the soundtrack song during the climactic scene in a movie.

Easily among the year’s best records, Fan The Flames is a refreshing take on solid songwriting and addicting melodies when many indie rock bands just seem to be in a race to see who can be the most obsure.  A potent blend of Americana and Power Pop, these are songs you’ll remember long after hearing them.  Back in January, Spin magazine named Golden Bloom as one of “8 undiscovered bands worth a listen”, well the time for discovery is here people, give She Leaves Me Poetry a listen and be sure to follow along to hear more over the next five weeks when you can then rush out and obtain your own copy of the album.

Shawn Fogel is an amazingly talented multi instrumentalist who played all of the instruments on the album himself and worked with Producers Peter Katis(the National, Interpol,Mates Of State),Roger Greenawalt(Ben Kweller) and Dylan Magierek(Mark Kozelek) to produce a top notch record.

Golden Bloom – She Leaves Me Poetry
From Fan The Flames available 8/18/09

Where to get your Track By Track First Listen :

6/19 “E.H.M”-Magnet www.magnetmagazine.com

6/26 “Doomsday Devices (Ruby Isle Remix)” Under the Radar www.undertheradarmag.com

7/3 “Fan the Flames” Tuneraker www.tuneraker.com

7/10 “She Leaves Me Poetry” Bag of Songs bagofsongs.com

7/17 “The Fight at the End of the Tunnel” Consequence of Sound www.consequenceofsound.com

7/24 “Dead Petals” Ryan’s Smashing Life www.ryanssmashinglife.blogspot.com/

7/31 “If You Believe” Spin www.spin.com

8/7 “The Mountainside Says” PopWreckoning popwreckoning.com

8/14 “Theme For an Adventure at Sea” Fensepost www.fensepost.com


[PHOTO BY Alicia J Rose]

HOT : BOS Exclusive New Adam & Dave’s Bloodline Track

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Adam & Daves Bloodline Photo by Carina Romano

A Bag Of Songs exclusive early preview today from Adam & Daves Bloodline’s upcoming Boycott Classics album. In The Zoo is a soaring slice of power pop filled with the sound of chiming guitars that urge you to turn it up as soon as it comes on. Last year’s New Age Boredom EP  was among the year’s best releases and based on this one the full length followup is sure to be excellent as well. Boycott Classics is due May 12th, but in the meantime you can catch them live at The North Star in Philadelphia next week. The band is also promising a big CD release party when the date nears so stay tuned.

Adam & Daves Bloodline – In The Zoo
Boycott Classics due May 12th

Upcoming Shows
Mar 11 2009 9:00P The North Star (w/TK Webb) Philadelphia, PA


BOS Exclusive : Brand New – Canadian Invasion Covers Fugazi

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Sorry about the lack of posts over the past few days, Google’s automated web scanning misidentified the site as a bag of spam and quarantined me for a few days until they could verify it was really legit. Back today with a special treat, a Bag Of Songs exclusive from Philadelphia’s Canadian Invasion who have taken the track Public Witness Program from Fugazi‘s
In On the Kill Taker and covered it with their own decidedly cool Brit Rock spin. Brilliant.
Keep your eyes peeled as well for their upcoming full length, Three Cheers For The Invisble Hand, I’ve heard it, and it’s one of the year’s best records on it’s way to a release date real soon.

Canadian Invasion – Public Witness Program (Fugazi cover)


BOS Exclusive ! : Brand New Shawn Fogel

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Shawn Fogel Live At The M Room 5-25-08

Shawn Fogel’s excellent One Day In The Desert EP has been in the constant rotation here at Bag Of Songs since I got a hold of it last fall. Shawn was also one of the artists who played for us at a recent Bag Of Songs Presents night which happen monthly at The M Room in Philadelphia. So needless to say, we love us some Shawn Fogel here.

So I’m proud to bring you an exclusive track today from Shawn’s upcoming as-yet-unnamed new album which was mixed by Peter Katis, who has also worked with artists such as Spoon, The National and Interpol.

Shawn Fogel – The Fight At The End Of The Tunnel

Brand New Music From Canadian Invasion : My Swashbuckling Days Are Over

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Some brand new music today from one of my favorite Philadelphia bands. The jangly guitars and sweet sounding harmonies of Canadian Invasion. You may have heard the song My Swashbuckling Days are Over played on WXPN recently. BIG thanks to Andy from the band for supplying me with the “exclusive internet premiere” of the track for you all. It’s from their upcoming cd recorded with Philadelphia’s amazing producer Brian McTear (also responsible for last year’s brilliant disc from the Philly’s A-Sides). Based on what I’ve heard so far it’s going to be a power pop gem and a surefire contender for one of 2008’s best discs. Check it out.

MP3: Canadian Invasion – My Swashbuckling Days Are Over