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Rodney Crowell, Dave Alvin, Radney Foster, James McMurty, all names synonymous with great songwriting, with his new album, Welcome To The Nowhere Motel, Greg Koons firmly cements himself a position on that list as well. The album blends a mix of folk, country and melodic pop with lyrics filled with detail and emotion.  Songs of love and relationships  play like tales from a road long travelled. The pop rush of Elizabeth captures the feeling of a love at first sight crush, Turn Around(2AM On Second Street) is a late night, after last call heartbreak, and  when he sings “Candy used to be a hooker but she ain’t no more” in By The Light Of A Truck Stop Moon you can just imagine the world weary couple who’ve finally found what they’ve been looking for in each other. 

Greg Koons is backed up on this effort by the Misbegotten, a top notch group of performers and musicians in their own right, featuring Matt Keating, who also co-produced the record with Adam Lasus, on piano, organ, and backing vocals, Jason Mercer on bass (Ani DiFranco, Ron Sexsmith), Jordan Richardson on drums (Ben Harper & Relentless 7), Duane Jarvis on dobro (Frank Black, Lucinda Williams), and Kirk Swann on guitar (Dumptruck, John Wesley Harding). Welcome To The Nowhere Motel is an excellent collection of heartfelt songwriting and one of 2009’s overlooked gems.

Greg Koons And The Misbegotten – Los Angeles Looks Prettier On TV
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Upcoming Tour Dates
August 18th – Mickey’s Bar and Grill – Lowell, Massachusettes
August 22nd – The Milk Boy – Ardmore, Pennsylvania
August 28th – Open Eye Cafe – Carrboro, North Carolina
August 29th – Sentient Bean – Savannah, Georgia
September 4th – 6th – Texas Music Festival – Meridian, Texas
September 8th – Golden Light Cantina – Amarillo, Texas
September 10th – Bohemeo’s – Houston, Texas
December 19th – Mocha Maya’s – Shelburne Falls, Massachusettes