LIVE: DeJesus and Pow Wow ! Last Night at The M Room

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A few photos from last night’s final Bag Of Songs night of 2008 at The M Room with Pow Wow! and DeJesus. DeJesus kicked it off with a loose but excellent solo set which included a mix of old and new songs and a few covers thrown in, including a version of Kate Bush‘s Deeper Understanding. When not playing solo or with his own band Daniel also currently plays in Rasuputina. Pow Wow! closed it out with a fun and energetic set of original music. Eddie’s vocals take on a real soulful, almost Motown like feel that. really brings their songs to life live. See you all back at the M room on Sunday January 18th. Stay tuned for the lineup to be posted soon.



Pow Wow!

Pow Wow!

Pow Wow!

Pow Wow!

This Past Friday Night’s Show with The Swimmers.Missing Palmer West and Bitter Bitter Weeks @ Johnny Brenda’s

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Some photos from this past Friday night’s all local show at Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia. It was a packed house from the get go as Bitter Bitter Weeks kicked off the night with an excellent set that focused on the more rock side of their catalog and left the quieter numbers at home this time for a high energy set that recalled at times the southern jangle sound of early REM or Let’s Active. Up next was Missing Palmer West, a band who I somehow managed to have not seen until now, let me say I will be correcting that mistake go forward. Their keyboard driven, cello infused blend of indie pop is excellent. They have a new EP in the works and it is one I will be on the watch for. BOS favorites The Swimmers closed the night and threw a bit of multimedia effects into the mix this time out as they played while a film rolled on to the giant screen behind them. Their set was a blend of brand new songs and old favorites and also included a blistering cover of David Bowie’s Star.

Big big thanks to my new friend and fellow music fanatic Phil Appenzeller for all of the photos.

Bitter Bitter Weeks

Missing Palmer West

The Swimmers

[All Photos By Phil Appenzeller]

Live This Past Thursday 11.06.08 : Shaky Hands, Cheers Elephant, The Chimeras @ Johnny Brenda’s

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If Philadelphia is one of the hottest music cities on the east coast right now, with the abundance of amazing bands emanating from Portland, Oregon it surely must be one of the hottest scenes on the west coast. This past Thursday night it was east meets west at Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia with The Chimeras and Cheers Elephant representing the east and Portland’s The Shaky Hands on deck for the west. My apologies to The Chimeras as I arrived too late to see their set which by all accounts was excellent. Cheers Elephant mixed a bunch of new songs into their set that show they have no intention of relinquishing their place anytime soon as one of Philadelphia’s best up and coming bands. The Shaky Hands closed out the night with a solid set of their melodic rock, a band I had never seen or heard before but will be sure to catch again. Here’s a few photos.

Shaky Hands

Cheers Elephant

The Chimeras – Good Friday
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Cheers Elephant – Here We Are
Buy Here We Are
The Shaky Hands – We Are Young
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The Chimeras Upcoming Shows
Jan 17 2009 The Khyber Philadelphia PA w/Zelazlowa

Cheers Elephant Upcoming Shows
Nov 15 2008 8:00P University of the Arts Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Dec 5 2008 9:00P The Note West Chester, Pennsylvania

The Shaky Hands Upcoming Shows
Nov 8 2008 8:00P Mercury Lounge New York, New York
Nov 9 2008 8:00P DC9 Washington DC, Washington DC
Nov 10 2008 8:00P Local 506 Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Nov 11 2008 8:00P The Basement Nashville, Tennessee
Nov 13 2008 8:00P Club Deville Austin, Texas

LIVE: 09.29.08 Robert Pollard’s Boston Spaceships,The High Strung @ Johnny Brenda’s

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A couple photos from this past Monday night’s incredible sold out three hour show by Robert Pollard’s Boston Spaceships at Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia. Detroit’s The High Strung opened with a great set of their sixties tinged garage rock, showing that a three piece guitar, bass, drums combo can still bring the rock. Robert Pollard and band, including Tommy Keene on guitar took the stage at 10pm, just after a full cooler of beer on ice and a bottle of tequila were placed on stage, and proceeded to live up to their reputation as one of the hardest onstage partying bands going. I lost count of the number of beers they had consumed by the end of the night and the bottle of tequila was gone, helped along by a couple passes through the crowd with numerous audience members getting a taste. By the time they left the stage for the night just after 1:00AM, by my guess they had played somewhere around 40 or so songs, new, unreleased, old Guided By Voices, and more. The encore opened with a blistering version of Cheap Trick‘s Hello There and the already overexcited and well oiled crowd was worked into a frenzy, prompting some to start throwing glass pints of beer around like they were in plastic cups. It was at this point I relinquished my front and center spot leaning on the stage for a safer spot near the side bar to watch the action. At one point, I actually saw a glass shatter on the balcony and fall into the crowd below. One unlucky person had his face covered in blood at the end of night having been hit by flying glass and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were quite a few more. One of the best shows I’ve seen this year and craziest nights I’ve ever witnessed at Johnny Brenda’s that’s for sure.

The High Strung

Robert Pollard’s Boston Spaceships

Lots Of Fine, Fine, Music At This Past Sunday’s BOS Presents Night

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A handful of my blurry photos from this past Sunday’s Bag Of Songs Night at the M Room in Philadelphia with Upsincefriday, Beaten By Them, JP05 and Cedarwell. Big,big thanks to all of the bands for an excellent night of music. I’d attempt to write you a longer review but Jessica over at Popwreck(oning) has already done a superlative job, along with some much better photos than mine.

Click here to read Jessica’s review and see her photos.

Coming up this month: Sunday, September 28th we bring you another amazing night with Cheers Elephant, Butane Variations, Creeping Weeds and I Am The Heat.



Beaten By Them


LIVE : Roomtone CD Release Party @ Johnny Brendas

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A few photos from this past Thursday night’s Roomtone Cd Release Party @ Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia with Jukebox The Ghost, Roomtone, and The Future Tips. Jukebox The Ghost kicked it off to an excellent running start with their Ben Folds-esque blend of piano based pop. Roomtone was up next celebrating the release of their fine new cd Hits & Mrs. Alex Yaker took the stage with what is essentially an all star six piece backup band which included Catherine Cavella on Cello, Fabrizio Siciliano on Guitar,Ben Yoblick on Drums, Joe Lekkas on Bass, Caroline McNeel on background vocals and percussion, and Dawn Webster on an assortment of horns. They played an amazing set of music comprised mainly of songs from the new CD, with a sound that falls somewhere between the chamber pop of Lloyd Cole and the Brazilian rhythms of Sergio Mendez. Future Tips closed out the night with a blistering set of guitar driven power pop think Twin Cinema ear New Pornographers crossed with The Undertones. A fantastic night of Philadelphia music all around.

Jukebox The Ghost [MYSPACE] [WEBSITE]
Roomtone [MYSPACE] BUY Hits & Mrs
The Future Tips [MYSPACE] [WEBSITE]

Jukebox The Ghost


Future Tips

Last Night’s Friggs Reunion Show In Philadelphia

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I took a lot of photos and pretty much they all tirned out like crap but here’s few anyway from last night’s joyous reunion show with Philadelphia’s The Friggs at the Tritone on South Street. Part girl group, part sixties style garage rockers, they had the packed house dancing from the word go like they’d never been gone.

The Friggs – Shake
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LIVE : Creeping Weeds,BOAT,Drink Up Buttercup, Greyhounds 08.15.08 @ Johnny Brendas

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Some pictures from last Friday night’s amazing show at Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia. Greyhounds kicked off the night in true rock and roll style opening their set with a snippet of Bruce Springsteen’s Darkness On The Edge of Town which they seamlessy segued into their first song of the night. Drink Up Buttercup were up next, delivering a set of the psychedelic tinged rock circus that has been garnering them numerous accolades as of late. They ended their set by doing their last two songs in the audience with everyone clapping, stomping and singing along. Seattle’s BOAT follwed, their sound is somewhat like a power pop version of Pavement. They had a fun time bantering with the crowd and even brought one heckler/audience member down from the balcony to play tambourine on a song with them. Creeping Weeds closed the night with a stellar set of old and new songs and even worked in their cover of BOAT‘s I’m A Donkey For Your Love which BOAT did not play earlier. Do not miss the BOAT/Creeping Weeds tour if it heads your way this week.

Drink Up Buttercup
Creeping Weeds

LIVE: Aderbat CD Release Party @ Johnny Brendas

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My apologies to Lillie Ruth Bussey for missing her set as I arrived at Johnny Brenda’s this past Thursday Night for Aderbat‘s Cd Release party just as Bitter Bitter Weeks was taking the stage. They opened with one of my personal favorites of theirs, Lo-Res and the night was off to excellent start. Bitter Bitter Weeks jangly shimmering guitar pop sounded excellent despite the fact that Brian McTear was having some trouble with his voice going out early into their set. Next up was an hotly anticipated set by East Hundred, the crowd in the room seemed to double as they prepared to play. Fronted by the charismatic and charming Beryl Guceri their audience seems to be growing everytime I see them. They have a keyboard driven sound with an early eighties feel that would not sound out of place alongside bands like Echo and The Bunnymen or Siouxsie And The Banshees. Aderbat was up next, kicking off their set with We Belong To The Sea, the title track from their brilliant new album. Aderbat‘s music is a finely woven tapestry of melody and soft dynamics that draws you in deep and keeps you there. Frontman Matt Taylor has a look similar to a young Bob Dylan and voice I can best describe as somewhere between Jeff Buckley and Nick Drake. Imagine all that together and you’ll have an idea of what they kind of sound like. An excellent night of music all around.

Bitter Bitter Weeks

East Hundred

LIVE: 07.23.08 The Ting Tings @ Johnny Brendas

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Pattern Is Movement

The Ting Tings

Hey folks , don’t worry 5 On A Friday is coming, I’m just moving a little slow from a couple late rock and roll nights, early work mornings in a row. To tide you over while you wait, here’s a few pics from Wednesday night’s frenetic sold out dance party with TheTing Tings and Philly’s own Pattern Is Movement at Philadelphia’s Johnny Brenda’s. Just the few pics from me today and I’ll direct you to the to the more eloquent than I musings of my friends and blogging compatriots Trip from Teenage Kicks , Jessica from Popwreck(oning) and Carly from Girl About Town for their excellent reviews of the show.

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