Bag Of Songs Top 25 Albums of 2008 : 11 to 15

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Number 11 to 15 of the BOS top 25 albums today, stay tuned for the top ten coming up soon.

15 Duffy – Rockferry [BUY]
Mercy may be the best single of the year, but is not necessarily typical of the rest of this disc which takes a slightly more low key approach and harkens back to 60’s soul singers like Petula Clark, or to a lesser extent Dusty Springfield. Bolstered by solid songs like the the title track and the excellent Warwick Avenue it’s a great kick back and listen record.

Duffy – Mercy
Bonus Duffy – Ready For The Floor (Hot Chip Cover)

14 The Hymns – Travel In Herds [BUY]
The Hymns also had one of the great singles of 2008 with the horn laced I Can’t Be What You Want, and the rest of the disc runs deep with equally great songs from The Velvets Meet CCR rocker Streets Alone, to the country tinged Off My Mind. Another one of the overlooked gems of 2008.

Hymns – I Can’t Be What You Want

13 The Hold Steady – Stay Positive [BUY]
After the pretty much perfect Boys And Girls in America, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised at this being a bit of a letdown. I anticpated this ending up in my top three for the year,and with the exception of a clunker or two the songs are all there, but where this really lost points for me is the overly loud muddy production that makes it near unlistenable. I haven’t been able to sit and listen to this all the way through because after two or three songs I get ear fatigue so bad I need to put something else on. Be sure to track toown the version with the three bonus tracks Ask Her for Adderall,Cheyenne Sunrise and Two Handed Handshake.

The Hold Steady – Slapped Actress

12 No Age – Nouns [BUY]
Unlike the Hold Steady record which tried to be loud and faltered, this record sounds better the louder you play it. Sculpting a wall of sound reminiscient of Husker Du or Sonic Youth into catchy melodic songs, this record is filled with the joyful catharsis of playing loud electric guitar.

No Age – Sleeper Hold

11 Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – Pershing [BUY]
The years best record of pure ear candy, indie influenced power pop at it’s best. It’s a record chock full of hooks and harmonies, finding just the right balance between quirky and super catchy.

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – Glue Girls

5 On A Friday : It’s Puzzling

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Some days it’s all one big mystifying puzzle isn’t it ?

1: Mates Of State – Jigsaw
Buy Re-Arrange Us
2: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – Modern Mystery
Buy Pershing
3: Radiohead – Jigsaw Falling Into Place
Buy In Rainbows
4: The Rolling Stones – Jigsaw Puzzle
Buy Beggars Banquet
5: Son Volt – Mystifies Me

Buy Trace

LIVE : SSLY Boris Yeltsin,Via Audio, Aderbat 04.23.08 @ Johnny Brenda’s

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Some photos from last night’s show at Johnny Brenda’s In Philadelphia. Opening the night was Philly’s own Aderbat whose lead singer and bass player could pass for a young Bob Dylan and Kris Kristofferson respectively. It was my first time seeing them and they played an excellent set of music with a sound that falls somewhere between My Morning Jacket and Wilco. Great stuff, definitely add them to your list of must see Philly Bands. Up next was Brooklyn’s Via Audio, who played a high energy set of dance music with a distinctly eighties new wave overtone that the crowd couldn’t get enough of. Expect them to rise hot on the heels of fellow Brooklynites MGMT and Yeasayer real soon. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin closed the evening with their brand jangly guitar pop. After a rousing finale of their song Oceanographer, the boys came back out for an encore joined by the members of Via Audio for a “we didn’t practice this but we’re going to try it anyway” version of Nirvana’s Heart Shaped Box which, despite a few ramshackle moments, really rocked. See the lyric cliff notes they had on stage along with a scan of the setlist below. A great night of music all around.


Via Audio

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

Random Song Of The Day : Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – Glue Girls

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I’ll freely admit I openly ignored Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltin‘s first album Broom due to the excessive overhype, but I’ll sure as hell be going back and checking it out after hearing their new one, Pershing. Glue Girls is the opening track of eleven slices of sugary, jangly, pop songs that make up the new album. This will be a perfect soundtrack for upcoming warm summer days driving around with the top down or just spent hanging on the beach.

MP3: Someones Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – Glue Girls
Buy Pershing

Catch them out on tour now:
04/14 Mon St. Louis, MO @ The Bluebird w/ Via Audio. 18+ / 8:00PM.
04/15 Tue Indianapolis, IN @ Locals Only w/ Via Audio. 21+ / 7:30PM.
04/16 Wed Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle w/ Via Audio. 21+.
04/18 Fri Toronto, Ontario, CAN @ El Mocambo w/ Via Audio. 19+ / 9:00PM.
04/20 Sun Allston, MA @ Great Scott w/ Via Audio. 18+ / 9:00PM.
04/21 Mon Brooklyn, NY @ Union Hall w/ Via Audio. 21+ / 7:30PM.
04/22 Tue New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge w/ Via Audio. 21+ / 7:00PM.
04/23 Wed Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brenda’s w/ Via Audio. 21+ / 8:00PM.
04/24 Thu Washington, DC @ Black Cat Backstage w/ Via Audio. AA / 9:00PM.
04/26 Sat Charleston, SC @ The Map Room w/ Via Audio. 18+ / 9:00PM.
04/27 Sun Atlanta, GA @ The EARL w/ Via Audio. 21+.
04/29 Tue Memphis, TN @ The Hi Tone Cafe w/ Via Audio. 18+ / 9:00PM.
05/05 Mon Norman, OK @ The Opolis w/ Port O’Brien. AA / 9:00PM.
05/06 Tue Denton, TX @ Hailey’s w/ Port O’Brien. AA / 9:00PM.
05/07 Wed Austin, TX @ The Mohawk w/ Port O’Brien.
05/09 Fri Phoenix, AZ @ Modified w/ Port O’Brien. AA / 8:00PM.
05/10 Sat Tucson, AZ @ Club Congress w/ Port O’Brien. AA / 8:30PM.
05/11 Sun San Diego, CA @ Beauty Bar w/ Port O’Brien. 21+ / 9:00PM.
05/13 Tue Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo w/ Port O’Brien. AA / 8:00PM.
05/14 Wed San Francisco, CA @ Rickshaw Stop w/ Port O’Brien. AA / 8:00PM.
05/16 Fri Portland, OR @ Towne Lounge w/ Port O’Brien. 21+ / 9:00PM.
05/17 Sat Seattle, WA @ The Vera Project w/ Port O’Brien. AA / 7:30PM.
05/18 Sun Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN @ Media Club w/ Port O’Brien. 19+ / 8:00PM.
05/20 Tue Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Court w/ TBA.
05/21 Wed Denver, CO @ Hi-Dive w/ TBA. 16+ / 7:00PM.
05/22 Thu Omaha, NE @ The Slowdown w/ TBA. AA / 8:00PM.
05/23 Fri Iowa City, IA @ The Picador w/ TBA. 19+ / 9:00PM.
05/24 Sat Minneapolis, MN @ 7th Street Entry