The Lightning Bug Situation – A Leaf; A Stream

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This cd was first brought to my attention by a friend of the band, who is enamored by the idea that it synchs up with the 1972 film Solaris. Much in the same way Pink Floyd‘s Dark Side Of The Moon is purported to synch up with the Wizard Of Oz. I’ll leave the final determination on that matter to the more “adventurous” of you out there.

The Lightning Bug Situation is the work of Brian Miller, who is one half of San Francisco’s The Speakers along with Peter Musselman and also plays guitar in Jolie Holland‘s band. The new disc, A Leaf;A Stream is essentially Brian’s solo project, but the album is filled out with contributions of many musical friends and family members.

Brian attached a sticky note to the copy of the disc cd he sent me which said “I hope you like it—I put my heart into it.” It couldn’t be more obvious upon listening, the album is an intense, intimate, personal portrait. You get an amazing sense of Brian’s world from the spoken word recollections of his family members, interspersed with his atmospheric folk pop songs. The birth of his new baby, the emotional struggles with his partner Nancy, the heartbreak of losing their dog Topher, the emotions these events trigger are all laid bare in the music. To listen is to feel them with him, the music is it’s own movie.

MP3: The Lightning Bug Situation – Topher’s Last Song
MP3: The Lightning Bug Situation – Iraqi Man And Baby Daughter, 2007

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