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It’s been over two decades years since It’s Hard, the last time The Who delivered a new studio album. In the interim there’s been umpteen final tours and greatest hits collections as well as a few Townsend and Daltry solo projects. Nothing of great consequence, so let me say my expectations for this new set were set pretty low. that all changes this week with the release of
Endless Wire
Boy was I wrong, Endless Wire is a very respectable showing from them.
The album is broken into two parts, the first 9 songs and the last 10 songs which comprise the Wire and Glass mini-opera, althought thematically there’s not a great shift between the two, all 19 songs could easily be looked at as a whole.
The album opens with Fragments, which sounds like a mash-up of older Who songs with new vocals over top. Simultaneously invoking the old and new at the same time and setting the tone for the rest that follows. While the disc feels eerily reminiscient of Tommy or Quadrophenia it also feels fresh. To paraprhase a recent Townsend quote “this is not the old Who, this is all new”

MP3: The Who – Fragments
The Who – It’s Not Enough
The Who We Got A Hit(extended version)

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