a moment of silence

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A moment of silence today for CBGB which ended it’s 33 year run last night with a show by Patti Smith. CBGB was the New York club which gave a start to bands like The Ramones, Blondie,Television, Patti Smith,Living Colour and more.

Sunday Morning

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A picture taken today of a lovely fall Sunday morning and a soundtrack to go with it.
First up, Matthew Sweet and Susannah Hoffs from the excellent Under The Covers vol 1 released earlier this year. Then the original by the one and only Velvet Underground.
Kick back with your coffee and enjoy.

MP3: Sweet-Hoffs – Sunday Morning
The Velvet Underground – Sunday Morning

BUY IT : sweet-hoffs velvet underground

13 X 13 : the triskaidecaphobia mix

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tris·kai·dek·a·pho·bi·a [tris-kahy-dek-uh-foh-bee-uh n.
An abnormal fear of the number 13.

In celebration of Friday the 13th we bring you 13 songs celebrating the number 13 and its association with superstition and luck, good and bad.

MP3: 01 Bad Luck – Social Distortion
02 I Think Up Demons – Roky Erickson & The Aliens
03 Bad Feeling – Hogan’s Goat
04 Hard To Explain – The Strokes
05 Lucky Number – Lene Lovich
06 Superstition – Stevie Wonder
07 Don’t Feel Right – The Roots
08 Superunknown – Soundgarden
09 Black Magic Woman – Charlie Musselwhite
10 Voodoo – Neville Brothers
11 Good Luck Charm – Elvis Presley
12 Lucky Buzz – Richard Buckner
13 Thirteen – Elliott Smith

faux-schizzle ?

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hey y’all, these are purported to be a couple songs from the new Snoop disc
fo sure or not ?

MP3:Snoop Dogg – Real Talk
Snoop Dogg – Vato

UPDATE : Sorry the links are disabled, but Rhythm Nation has a link up here:
Rhythm Nation – Snoop Dogg – Blue Carpet Treatment


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Wednesday One Hit Wonders

A new feature today that we’ll be doing from time to time called
Wondersday where we’ll showcase the anomaly of popular music known
as the “One Hit Wonder”

Today’s first two one hit wonders, while they were big hits for different bands in different decades were
actually written by the same people, Harry Vanda and George Young. Vanda and Young were memebers of The Easybeats
an Australian garage rock band that had their one hit in 1966 with “Friday On My Mind”, a song later covered by David Bowie. After the breakup of The Easybeats Vanda and Young went on to form a band later in the 70’s called Flash And

The Pan, obviuosly a play on the phrase which could be used to describe any one hit wonder, “flash in the pan”.
They hit it in 1983 with a quirky new wave hit called Hey St Peter.

Our third song today I chose because I though it was interesting how it paraphrases the music from Friday On
My Mind, and again became a one hit wonder. This time for British new wave act, The Jags

MP3:The Easy Beats – Friday On My Mind released 1966
Flash And The Pan – Hey St Peter released 1983
The Jags – Back Of My Hand(I’ve Got Your Number) released 1993

BUY IT : easybeats flash and the pan the jags


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And I’m staying up here so I may be undone
She’s inappropriate, but then she’s much more fun and
When she smiles my way
My eyes go out in vain
She’s got perfect skin
-Perfect Skin
22 years ago, before Death Cab for Cutie ever thought about following someone into the dark Lloyd Cole set loose his amazing first album, Rattlesnakes. Full of shimmering guitars and literate
poetic lyrics, it was an instant classic. Over a string of 10 or so albums Lloyd continued to articulate the pyschoses of love and obsession. However his popularity didn’t keep pace with the quality of his work.


no longer angry, no longer young, no longer driven to distraction, not even by Scarlett Johansson
-Woman in A Bar

Now he’s back, releasing his first new album in 3 years this week, Anti-Depressant.
On it, Lloyd has come to terms with the demons of his youth and released a disc chock full of mature and insightful songs.

MP3: Perfect Skin (from Rattlesnakes)
(from Lloyd Cole)
She’s A Girl And I’m A Man
(from Don’t Get Weird On Me Babe)
Woman in A Bar
(from Anti-Depressant)
I Didn’t See it Coming
(from Anti-Depressant)http://www.lloydcole.com/

BUY IT: lloyd cole

Official website :

shake it like a polaroid picture

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My apologies for the hapahazard looking post today but blogger and 3 hours of sleep don’t mix to well. I had the pleasure of attend a 50th party for esteemed DJ ,prommoter,etc Randy Now at The Conduit club in Trenton, NJ. A fun night of 80’s style dancing and music, with DJ’s
including a guest turn from Dean of Ween and a couple of bands, Todd Ellis of the power pop band Smart Remarks and The Anderson Council from New Brunswick NJ

The Dancing Queen…

Todd Ellis of Smart Remarks plays a solo set

MP3:Todd Ellis Acoustic from RandyNow Podcast

Some shots of The Anderson Council rocking the house. They ended the set with a blistering cover of the Police’s Driven to Tears.

The Anderson Council(at notlame.com)
MP3: Beautiful(sample)
Friday`s Girl(sample)
Meghan Allison(sample)
Looking At Louth(sample)

BUY IT: the anderson council smart remarks is out of print try ebay

Celluloid Hero

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In case you forgot, Ray Davies, frontman of the legendary Kinks put out a brilliant solo album called Other People’s Lives earlier this year. Filled with the imagery and wit that characterized his best work with the band, it’s surely going to end up on lots of year end best of lists. Here’s a song by song synopsis with comments by Ray himself from his website

Things Are Gonna Change (The Morning After)“In this song the character’s singing about making changes like most drunks promise after a long night. In my case this particular ‘hangover’ was more to do with life and career change,” says Ray.

After The Fall Recorded December 17th 2002. One of the older songs on the record, its conception began while Ray was still in The Kinks.

Next-Door Neighbour Recorded July 12th 2002. “Generally, I look at the world and observe characters from it. Well Respected Men, Dedicated Followers and people like Terry and Julie. These songs are about other people’s lives.”

All She Wrote Recorded March 19th 2002. This song refers to people who have come and gone in Ray’s life. It is a combination of all his break-ups, good and bad.

Ray Davies – All She Wrote

Creatures Of Little Faith “This is probably sung by the man who received the letter in the last track,” muses Ray. “There are two sides to every story.”

Run Away From Time
Recorded January 23rd 2003. The arrangement of this song is lifted from a previous home demo. Lyrically, it focuses on a man’s escape from himself.

The Tourist
Recorded February 4th 2003. Rooted in Ray’s American experience of New Orleans, ‘The Tourist’ is a new direction for Ray’s quintessential British songwriting. It also the title track of the highly collectible EP of the same name, released in the UK this summer.

Is There Life After Breakfast?
Recorded June 18th. It is a reflective, introspective song about life and positivity. The verse “just because all of the plumbing, isn’t what it used to be” is dedicated to The Kink’s drummer Mick Avory.

Ray Davies – Is There Life After Breakfast ?

The Getaway (Lonesome Train) Recorded December 19th 2002. Written on his first trip to New Orleans, the mood of the song is taken directly from the tone of the city.

Other People’s Lives
Recorded July 11th 2003. Tinged with Spanish flamenco guitar, this non-autobiographical song is a tongue-in-cheek story of ill-fated lovers and the media.

Stand Up Comic Recorded March 19th 2002. “Sometimes when I am trying to introduce new material, I feel like a stand-up comedian in a room full of lager louts,” admits Ray. “This demon will not go away.”

Over My Head Recorded April 9th 2002. By this track, the story of the songs has completed a full revolution. It is a resolve – an acceptance of the way things are and seeing life in perspective.

Tomorrow, October 7th, PBS stations begin airing a session he taped for Austin City Limits. Stop over to their sit and see a one song preview clip here

Ray heads out on a tour of The UK and Europe starting next week be sure to catch him if you can.

UK/Europe October – November 2006
October 11th : Olympia, Paris, France
October 13th : Nancy Jazz Festival, France
October 14th : Elizabethzaal, Antwerp, Belgium
October 17th : Dome, Brighton
October 18th : Colston Hall, Bristol
October 19th : St David`s Hall, Cardiff
October 21st : Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry
October 23rd, 24th : Royal Albert Hall, London
October 27th : Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow
October 28th : Festival Theatre, Edinburgh
October 29th : Concert Hall, Perth
October 31st : Bridgewater Hall, Manchester
November 1st : Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham
November 2nd : City Hall, Sheffield
November 4th : Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool
November 5th : Grand Opera House, York
November 6th : The Sage, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear

BUY IT : ray davies

in the bag…

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Here’s a taste what’s going round in the Bag of Songs world this week :
Well I was going to hit you all with the new Lindsey Buckingham – Under The Skin disc today but stereogum beat me to it and there’s not much I can add, other than buy it, it truly is excellent. It easily holds its own up against current discs by M.Ward,Ray Lamontagne,Elliot Smith and the like. In a perfect world it’d be a big seller but alas it will probably mostly go unnoticed by the world at large.

Heres one more for you
MP3: Lindsey Buckingham – It Was You

Nellie McKay has a Tin Pan Alley flair for songwriting and her new one Pretty Little Head is no exception. Zipping along like some great lost Broadway show, complete with guest turns by none other than K.D Lang and Cyndi Lauper. The double disc set bounced by her record label for being too long at 23 songs is finally coming your way soon in it’s full glory.

This one’s 59 seconds of pure jump up and bounce around the room
complete with some sassy meowing by Miss M herself, try and not dance to this, I dare you.

MP3: Nellie McKay – Pounce

You may have heard little snippets of this song as background music in one of the networks upcoming fall tv shows promos. Here it is in all its blistering funk rock glory. Robert Randolph is one helluva guitar player, and this disc shows it off perfectly. Colorblind rocks as hard as anything Lenny Kravitz or Living Color have done. It you like rocking blues funk guitar fireworks with a helping of gospel thrown in, this one is for you.

MP3: Robert Randolph and the Family Band – Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That

The blogger buzz on these guys has been deafening lately, so why add one more you say. I’d be lying if I said this disc isn’t great. Sure, bands like The Bottlerockets, Slobberbone and Lucero have all been doing this for a while now and have gotten nowhere really. Hey if the Goo Goo Dolls can break it wide open by imitating Paul Westerberg why can’t these guys give imitation a shot. Plus, it’s more Springsteen-ish than anything Brandon Flowers thinks he’s doing and they’re not shouting from the rooftops about it.

MP3: The Hold Steady – Stuck Between Stations

Mastodon – Blood Mountain one of the best metal discs of the year. Check out this scorching instrumental number. Your fingers will get tired just listening to all that guitar playing. Rock on.
MP3: Mastodon – Bladecatcher

BUY IT : lindsey buckingham nellie mckay robert randolph the hold steady mastodon

10-4-Good Buddy

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10-4 Sure, it’s shameful stretch of today’s date to get post content, but why not use it as an excuse to post one of those songs from the 70’s that hang on like a fungus in the nether regions of your mind. And besides, how many times do they make a bad song onto an equally bad movie, yes it’s Convoy that 1978 stinker with Kris Kristofferson and Ali MacGraw spawned from the song by C. W. McCall that will haunt the jukebox in your mind the rest of your day after you listen to it.

“Ah, breaker one-nine, this here’s the Rubber Duck. You gotta copy on me, Love Machine? Ah, 10-4, Pig Pen, fer shure, fer shure. By golly, it’s clean clear to Taco Town. Yeah, we definitely got us the front door, good buddy. Mercy sakes alive, looks like we got us a convoy…”

MP3 : C.W. McCall – Convoy

BUY: c.w.mccall

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