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If you never thought a cello could rock, you need to hear Daniel DeJesus. With a voice eerily reminiscient of Jeff Buckley and original songs that would make any indie band proud, he is something that must be heard. I’ve seen him a number of times, with and without a full band, and the experience is mindblowing to say the least. Daniel’s first CD From The Subconscious has recently been released and is one of the true originals of 2006.

If you’re going to be in Philadelphia this weekend or next be sure and check him out as he has a couple shows upcoming.

Nov 11 2006 12:30P Old City Fall Festival Philadelphia, PA
Nov 17 2006 7:00P 5th Street Coffee house at St Pauls Philadelphia, PA

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The DeJesus Official Biography
A classically trained cellist and native Philadelphian with influences ranging from Bach to Radiohead, DeJesus began writing at the age of 14, experimenting with the guitar and piano with the belief that those were the only instruments a true modern song writer would use. Not until hearing the band ‘Rasputina’ and the Austrian cello quartet ‘Apoctalyptica’, did he finally decide to shed his misconceptions, and begin writing for the cello and voice. It was a new sound, a sound that was his, and it felt natural. While attending the University of the Arts to study Illustration, DeJesus continued writing, but kept it a secret from friends and family. He also performed with artists such as KD Lang and Patti LaBelle, as well as writing string arrangments for local artists like Natalie Walker for her Daughter Darling Project. After mustering up some serious courage, Dejesus began performing some of his own material, and was amazed at the reactions. Following the suggestions of a few friends, he recorded some of his music, and put together a small homemade marketing package, truly believing his music was something worth sharing, and sent it out to local recording companies. It eventually hit the ears of Ted Richardson (Hunkpapa, Ultrahuman, and The Acoustic Alternative) of Noisia Records, which spawned a collaboration that has created an eclectic, but highly approachable sound to add to the cello and rock repertoire.

MP3: DeJesus – Bliss
DeJesus – Change
DeJesus – Over Over


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