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Here’s some brand new music for you straight from the inbox, the folky electronic enhanced sounds of Eugene Francis Jnr. Enjoy.

The history:

On March 8th 1977 at 8.13am Eugene Francis Jnr emerged into our world,
for 2 reasons

a. to make music

b. so that ‘International Women’s Day’ would be officially recognised

9 months earlier it is believed that a chivalrous, Apache Indian made
love to an exquisite, Inuit Eskimo under the timid Welsh sun. The
couple were very much in love but also very much in hiding.

They travelled with Eugene from continent to continent, in search of
work and enlightenment. They were stubborn nomads, who in turn raised
an unshakable hippy…but their taste in music was impeccable

Eugene Francis was raised on Country, Blues and Folk Music, although
when he misbehaved his parents made him listen to 80’Synth-Pop or

After returning to London to study the stars and the planets at
University, Eugene Francis decided to capitalise on being in the
nation’s capital and got busy playing in as many different bands as

These bands were not important

Bored and fed up. Eugene Francis packed his little, junior guitar, and
some threads and headed off to America on a Kerouac. During a late
lock-in @ The White Horse Tavern (NYC) under the watchful eye of Dylan
Thomas. Eugene Francis was enlightened by a friend who told him to move
away from the pop-rock music he had been making and look for something
to call his own.

Up to the challenge Eugene Francis headed back home to the Welsh Hills
to start work.

Just like the construction of chitty-chitty-bang-bang, he disappeared
to work on his project behind locked doors. He emerged 4 months later
holding in his hand the proposed album ‘The Golden Beatle’ and the word
‘Folktronica’ would never be the same.

Now he needed a band, to reproduce the layers of instruments and

Not just any old band, an elite band, a concept band: ‘The Juniors’

Drawing from some of the best bands / musical individuals of the
current Welsh Music Scene (Vito, Broken Leaf) Eugene Francis Jnr has
assembled a democracy, which he calls ‘a harmonious,

And now they plan to take over the world, this one and the next

With Poor Me / Kites being the double A-side Ltd Edition Vinyl, due for
release in June and with the debut album nearing completion, this could
be the year where even the heavens will hear about ‘Eugene Francis Jnr
and the juniors’

MP3: Eugene Francis Jnr – Kites

Ltd Edition 7″ Vinyl In Stores Now!!

CLICK TO BUY ‘Poor Me / Kites’ ON iTunes (U.S.only).



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