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I’ll admit it I never given Birdie Busch‘s first CD a listen, I’d pigeonholed her as one more generic songer songwriter without even hearing a note and never gave it a second thought. I can’t compare it her first, but based on hearing her new disc Penny Arcade I’ll admit I was wrong. The photo above captures her essence so perfectly. With a unique voice that falls somwhere between the child like pureness of Victoria Williams and the Appalachian drawl of Gillian Welch, she delivers songs with a heartfelt honesty that is truly refreshing. The songs have an warm organic folky feel akin to a bunch of friends sitting around a late night party with everyone just jamming on whatever instruments they can find. Just one listen will leave songs like Go Go Gadget Heart resonating in your mind for days to come. Or check out the brilliant storytelling of The Huff Singers(North Philly). Be mesmerized by the hypnotic cover of Steve Miller‘s Wild Mountain Honey and so on, and so on. 13 songs worth you’ll surely want to hear again. I’m converted.

MP3: Birdie Busch – Mystical
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[Photo By Michael T. Regan]


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