5 On A Friday : What’s The 411 ?

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Today for 4/11 lets find out the 411. According to wikipedia the 411 is :

The year 411, the four hundred and eleventh year of the Gregorian calendar

4-1-1, a telephone directory assistance number in the United States and Canada
By extension, a slang term for information.

The 411, British R&B group

4:1:1 chroma subsampling

Volkswagen 411, a car from the late 1960s

Bristol 411, a high-performance hand-built luxury car from the 1970s

A three issue anthology, published by Marvel Comics, consisting of short-stories concerning terrorism.

.411 is also the extension for files storing extra information for pictures taken by SONY’s Mativa camera.

Well, what do you know.

1: The Beach Boys – I Know There’s An Answer
Buy Pet Sounds
2: Ray Charles – Don’t You Know
Buy The Birth Of Soul
3: The Blow – Knowing The Things That I Know
Buy Poor Aim : Love Songs
4.11: Beck – Lord Only Knows
Buy Odelay
5: Lesley Gore – Maybe I Know
Buy Growin’ Up Too Fast


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