Saturday At The Philly Popped ! Festival

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Some photos from Day 2 of the Philly Popped! Festival for you. The Ting Ting‘s kicked off the Saturday portion with a high energy set that had the crowd who had arrived early for one of the day’s most anticpated acts, up and dancing from the first note. One of the best sets of the day left no doubt they won’t be an opening act much longer. Up next was Philly hometown favorites Hoots and Hellmouth whose countrified stomping hoedown also went over extremely well with the largely indie rock crowd. Mr. Lif despite having some doubts about his place on the bill “I wasn’t sure if you all wanted to hear this rap shit” expertly turned the crowd into a chanting, arm waving, house party. Next on was Dan Deacon, who set up right in the midst of everyone instead of on the stage and in an amazing display of audience participation that I can best describe as a mix of Romper Room and and all night rave party, despite having to cut his set a bit short to make up time, worked the place into a totally insane, dancing, crowd surfing frenzy. As the crowd seemed to suddenly double at this point in the day, Gogol Bordello went on. Sounding like what I would imagine The Pogues would be if they chose to play gypsy music instead of Irish music. It was at this point the blazing sun had taken it’s toll and we made the tough call to opt out on the rest of the day, which had Crytsal Castles, Mates Of State and Vampire Weekend yet to come. Thanks to Flickr users ellectricity & adjust the aperture their photos. Be sure to check in with my friends at Girl About Town and Pop(wreckoning) for their coverage of the day as well.The Ting Tings Kick it off

Popped! — Hoots & Hellmouth, originally uploaded by ellectricity.

Mr Lif Has A House Party
Dan Deacon Works The Crowd
Crowd Surfing
Golgol Bordello

crystal castles. again., originally uploaded by adjust the aperture.

mates of state., originally uploaded by adjust the aperture.

vampire weekend., originally uploaded by adjust the aperture.


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