My 500th Post : Celebrating With The Sounds Of Philadelphia

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Celebrating the 500th post today at Bag Of Songs with 50 of the many reasons why the Philadelphia music scene is so amazing right now. Why, on any given night you can head out to places like Johnny Brenda’s, The M Room, The Khyber, The North Star Bar, Tritone, World Cafe Live, The Fire, Mill Creek Tavern and more to see great live music. Almost all of the bands on this list I’ve personally seen play over the last year or so. If you’re in a Philly area band, make sure I know who you are and when you’re playing and feel free to send me your music. A BIG thank you to all of the bands here, and all of the bands to come in the next 500 posts. Rock on. See you at a show soon.

The A-Sides – Cinematic [Silver Storms]
Action Set – Silver Lining [Longer Days]
Adam & Dave’s Bloodline – Corner Sloop [Adam & Dave’s Bloodline]
Aderbat – Talk About Her [Man Overboard EP]
An American Chinese – Blaine Wiggins Failed Magician [Panic Pilgrim]
Ar Duvall – Sugar Plan [Roughs]
The Beloved Infidels – Trompe L’Oeil Girl [Demo]
Beretta76 – Black Beauty [Black Beauty]
Birdie Busch – Go Go Gadget Heart [Penny Arcade]
Bitter Bitter Weeks – Lo-res [Peace Is Burning Like A River]
The Brakes – Into the Ground [Tale of Two Cities]
Canadian Invasion – My Swashbuckling Days are Over [Three Cheers For The Invisible Hand]
The Capitol Years – It’s Not Okay [Dance Away The Terror]
Cheers Elephant – Here We Are [Here We Are]
The Chimeras – Good Friday [Party Of God]
The Cobbs – Say You Never Knew Me [The Cobbs Sing the Deathcapades]
Creeping Weeds – Eternity Is A Long Time [We Are All Part Of A Dream You Are Having]
Dark Horse and the Carousels – Hard To Die [Meet Dark Horse and the Carousels]
DeJesus – Bliss [From The Subconscious]
Dr. Dog – Worst Trip [We All Belong]
Drink Up Buttercup – Young Ladies [Demo]
The Frantic (now Moscow Girls) – Something New [A Story Of Betrayal And Lust]
Gildon Works – Artful Rifle [Gildon Works EP]
Grammar Debate – I Stab Myself To Sleep [Cheetah Vs. Helicopter]
Hezekiah Jones – Nothing’s Bound [Hezekiah Says You’re A-OK]
Illinois – Alone Again [What The Hell Do I Know?]
Illuminea – Homewrecker [Out Of Our Mouths]
It’s A King Thing – My Minivan Just Died [It’s A King Thing LP]
Jotto – Backyard Circus [Jotto]
Jukebox The Ghost – Victoria [Let Live And Let Ghosts]
Man Man – Doo Right [Rabbit Habits]
New Motels – Modern Thinker [Domestic Life]
Nicole Reynolds – We Could Be Dancing [This Arduous Alchemy]
The Novenas – Search Engine [The Novenas]
Pawnshop Roses – Goodbye Sara K [Demo]
The Peace Creeps – Girl In A White T-Shirt [Autumn Of Love]
Photon Band – Words (get in the way) [Get Down Here In The Stratosphere EP]
Ports of Call – Washout [Like Thieves…]
Public Record – Comfortability [Public Record]
Rarebirds – Caffeine Heartbeat [Burial At Sea]
The Roots – I Will Not Apologize [Rising Down]
RunRunner – That’s What You Get [RunRunner]
Scary Monster – Julianne Francis [Makeout Party At Werewolf Club]
The Shots – Do Me Wrong [Demo]
Slo-Mo – Aramingo Take Out [Smokey Mountain]
The Sparklers – Mercy, Mercy, California [Demo]
Surefire Broadcast – When I Need Someone [SFBC Single]
The Swimmers – It’s Time They Knew [Fighting Trees]
Thinking Machines – Return To The Red Sun [A Complete Record Of Urban Archaeology]
The Tights – You Shook Me [Carried Away]

5 On A Friday The 13th

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Friday the 13th. How’s your luck holding out? Anybody going to see M. Night Shyamalan‘s The Happening today ?, let me know how it is. I’ll be busy catching The Sparklers at Tritone in Philly tonight, come on out.

1: Big Star – Thirteen
Buy #1 Record/Radio City
2: Stevie Wonder – Superstition
Buy At The Close Of A Century
3: J.J. Cale – Thirteen Days
Buy Anyway The Wind Blows
4: REM – Supernatural Superserious
Buy Accelerate
5: School Of Fish – Three Strange Days
Buy School Of Fish

New Music : Cailan Callahan

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Synchronicity is an amazing thing, sometimes just being in the right place at the right time is all that matters. I needed something to post today right at the same time the excellent music of New Jersey’s lovely and talented Miss Cailan Callahan (pronounced “KAY-LEAN”) hit my inbox with a very nice note attached. Thank You Cailan ! . So her lucky moment of timing is now your lucky moment. Enjoy, and stop by her myspace to hear more, including a cool cover of Social Distortion‘s Ball and Chain, or go see her play live and experience it all in person.

Cailin Callahan – Fell First
Buy Next Time
Cailin Callahan – Next Time

Buy Next Time

Upcoming Shows
Jun 13 2008 10:00P Cailin & Christian @ TRINITY PUB Atlantic City, NJ
Jun 19 2008 7:00P Cailin & Brian @ Coffee Comedy Sea Isle City, NJ
Jun 21 2008 12:00P Great Adventure: Live & Local Music Festival Jackson, NJ
Jun 26 2008 8:00P The Hinge Cafe Philadelphia, PA
Jul 3 2008 7:00P Cailin & Brian @ Coffee Comedy Sea Isle City, NJ
Jul 10 2008 9:00P Busch’s Sea Isle City, NJ
Jul 17 2008 9:30P UnWined (with LANCE DOSS) NY
Jul 24 2008 9:00P Busch’s Sea Isle City, NJ
Aug 14 2008 9:00P Busch’s Sea Isle City, NJ
Aug 23 2008 7:00P Bogart’s Cafe Millville, NJ


BRAND NEW Music : Adam and Dave’s Bloodline – New Age Boredom EP

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Some brand new music today from Adam & Dave’s Bloodline. A couple rocking songs from their just finished New Age Boredom EP which was mixed by Bill Moriarty who has also worked with Philly’s Dr Dog and Man Man. They’re playing the NXNE Festival in Toronto this weekend and will be back in Philadelphia to headline the Bag Of Songs night at The M Room next Sunday, June 22 along with New Motels, Secret Life Of Sofia and Run Runner.

Adam & Dave’s Bloodline – Hard To Know
Adam & Dave’s Bloodline – Runt

Download New Age Boredom EP

Upcoming Shows
June 14th- NXNE The Kathedral Toronto, Canada
June 22nd- Bag Of Songs Night @ The M Room Philadelphia, PA Buy Tickets


Artist Of The Day : Mono In VCF

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Wow. When was the last time you dropped on an album for the first time and it instantly transported you to another place ? Tacoma, Washington’s Mono In VCF have created a majestic masterpiece for their debut album which does just that. With a name cobbled together from Phil Spector‘s Wall Of Sound(Mono) and Moog Synthesizer tones(VCF), their music has been described as “Drifting in space between psychedelic Beatles and Massive Attack”*. Cinematic in scope, with lush orchestration and the smooth, soaring vocals of Kim Miller, it sounds fearlessly futuristic and reminiscient of the great film soundtrack music of the sixties all at once. But don’t just take my word for it, pop on a pair of headphones, turn it up and let one of the year’s best records take you on a trip and make you a believer.

Mono In VCF is out June 17th in the US and available digitally on iTunes now. The album was produced by Martin Feveyear and also includes a special guest appearance by Terry Jacks.

Mono In VCF – Escape City Scrapers
Mono IN VCF – Death Of A Spark

Buy Mono In VCF on iTunes

Mono In VCF:
Jason Falk- drums
Hunter Lea,guitar – synths & organ,vocals
Jordan Luckman – bass
Kim Miller- vocals
+Live members:
Scott Clarke – drums,percussion,Moog
Martin Feveyear- Fender Rhodes,Moog
George Reid-Harmon -guitars

Upcoming Shows
June 18 LOS ANGELES Live in-studio on Indie 103
June 18 LOS ANGELES Spaceland
June 21 SEATTLE Neumo’s
August 31 SEATTLE Bumbershoot Festival 2008


*Tom Scanlon, The Seattle Times

TONIGHT ! : The Bloodsugars, The Beloved Infidels & Quintero @ The M Room Philadelphia PA

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It may be 98 degrees outside in Philly today but it’ll be cool tonight at The M Room. Three great bands, check it out.
It’ll be too hot to sleep anyway so why not go out and have a good time.

The Bloodsugars,The Beloved Infidels, & Quintero
Sunday June 8th
8 PM @ The M Room
15 W Girard Ave Philadelphia PA
$8 21+

The Bloodsugars – Purpose Was Again [WEBSITE]
The Beloved Infidels – Trompe L’Oeil Girl [WEBSITE]

5 On A Friday : Angels

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Today’s five was kind of inspired by Shawn Fogel‘s excellent performance at Bag Of Songs night at the M Room a couple weeks ago. In his set, Shawn covered an excellent song by the band Velo Deluxe, it was a song I hadn’t heard before and with a bit of Shawn’s help I now have a copy of the Velo Deluxe version of the songs Angels for you today. Velo Deluxe was formed by John Strohm of the Blake Babies and The Lemonheads. Keeping with the theme four more angel related songs to round out today’s picks. Enjoy.

1: Velo Deluxe – Angels
Buy Superelastic
2: Gin Blossoms – Angels Tonight
Buy Up And Crumbling
3: Patti Smith – Ask The Angels
Buy Radio Ethiopia
4: Rilo Kiley – The Angels Hung Around
Buy Under The Blacklight
5: Social Distortion – When The Angels Sing
Buy White Light, White Heat, White Trash


New Music : What Would Lou Reed Do ?

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Hot from the inbox, this one’s got it all, hand claps to start it off, punchy organ riffs, smoking guitar, all wound up in nice, tight, driving rhythm section of bass and drums. Kicking sixties garage rock meets the sound of modern day Brooklyn for one hot summer single. Take a walk on the wild side and check it out. Great stuff from I Am The Heat, and there’s plenty more of it at their myspace page.

What do YOU think Lou Reed would do ? Any thoughts on that one ? Please leave a comment.

I Am The Heat is:
Anthony Dines
Jameson Edwards
Mike Horaz

I Am The Heat – What Would Lou Reed Do
Coming Soon The Future Doesn’t Need Us

Upcoming Shows
Jun 6 2008 8:00P Lit New York, New York
Jun 21 2008 3:00P Make Music New York – 125 N.10th St. Brooklyn, New York


Rock For A Cause This Friday June 6th At The Khyber in Philly

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Get on out to The Khyber in Philadelphia this Friday June 6th for an amazing event put together by our lovely friend Kate.
Hear some excellent music and help support a great cause at the same time.

For Mia Fundraiser
Friday June 6th
The Khyber
8PM $10 21+w/ID
56 S 2nd Street Philadelphia PA

5 Bands Downstairs
The Cobbs – Say You Never Knew Me
Dark Horse And The Carousels – Hard To Die
Ar Duvall – Sugar Plan
It’s A King Thing – My Minivan Just Died

An American Chinese – Blaine Wiggins Failed Magician

3 DJs Upstairs
DJ Deejay
Mighty Mike Saga
Monica Sharp

1 Cause : To raise awareness and find a cure for childhood cancer.

All of the money made will go to Alex’s Lemonade Stand

more info

If you can’t be there you can still donate online :

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