2009 Christmas Song Of The Day 17

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Puppet Show AND Power Salad. Everyone likes a good chuckle once in a while, so here’s some holiday silliness from the band Power Salad.  Here’s the story : Santa decides to get with the times, and as lazy as the rest of us, and thinks he can really cover alllll the good little boys and girls, in the whole world, in one night……by shopping on the Internet.

Lyrics, video and puppet show by Craig Marks. Susie played by Abby Marks. Children’s choir sung by Marissa Mezzolesta. Music, arrangements, recording and production, all male voices, Halion Symphonic Orchestra, upright bass, paint stirrers, sopranino recorder, soprano recorder, alto recorder, tenor recorder, and bass recorder by Chris Mezzolesta.

Power Salad – Santa’s Going To Telecommute This Christmas
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