5 On A Friday : Convention-al Wisdom

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A non partisan pseudo political tribute mix for you today. Enjoy!, and remember to vote when the time comes.

1: Grizzly Bear – Colorado
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2: Grandpaboy – MPLS
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3: Elmore James – Standing At The Crossroads
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4: John Wesley Harding – Election Night
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5: The Neville Brothers – A Change Is Gonna Come

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Monday Morning Blues : Elmore James

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Elmore James was one of the true pioneers of electric slide guitar whose influence san still be heard in modern day players for the Allman Brothers to The White Stripes.

More from Allmusic guide:
No two ways about it, the most influential slide guitarist of the postwar period was Elmore James, hands down. Although his early demise from heart failure kept him from enjoying the fruits of the ’60s blues revival as his contemporaries Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf did, James left a wide influential trail behind him. And that influence continues to the present time — in approach, attitude and tone — in just about every guitar player who puts a slide on his finger and wails the blues. As a guitarist, he wrote the book, his slide style influencing the likes of Hound Dog Taylor, Joe Carter, his cousin Homesick James and J.B. Hutto, while his seldom-heard single-string work had an equally profound effect on B.B. King and Chuck Berry. His signature lick — an electric updating of Robert Johnson’s “I Believe I’ll Dust My Broom” and one that Elmore recorded in infinite variations from day one to his last session — is so much a part of the essential blues fabric of guitar licks that no one attempting to play slide guitar can do it without being compared to Elmore James. Others may have had more technique — Robert Nighthawk and Earl Hooker immediately come to mind — but Elmore had the sound and all the feeling.

MP3: Elmore James – Dust My Blues
MP3: Elmore James – Blues Before Sunrise
MP3: Elmore James – Standing At The Crossroads
MP3: Elmore James – Hawaiian Boogie No. 2
MP3: Elmore James – I Believe

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[Photo by JACQUES DEMÊTRE Chicago, Oct. 1959]