As The Sparks Fly On The Fourth Of July

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Happy Fourth Of July everyone. Here’s four versions of the Elvis Costello classic, Indoor Fireworks, from his King Of America album, about one of the more dangerous types of pyrotechnic displays. Celebrate safely today.

Laura Cantrell – Indoor Fireworks
Live On World Cafe
Nick Lowe – Indoor Fireworks
Buy The Rose Of England
Cold War Kids – Indoor Fireworks
Benefit At The District
Elvis Costello & Lucinda Williams – Indoor Fireworks
Live On CMT Crossroads

5 On A Friday : Leap Year Bonus Day !

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In honor of Leap Year day today, that bonus day that only comes around every four years, here’s five “bonus” tracks for you.

1: Elvis Costello – Mystery Dance (Acoustic Version)
Buy My Aim Is True
2: John Wesley Harding – Jackson Cage
Buy Awake
3: The Killers – All The Pretty Faces
Buy Sam’s Town
4: Nirvana – Verse Chorus Verse
Buy No Alternative
5: Ryan Adams – Twice As Bad As Love
Buy Love Is Hell Part 2

5 On A Friday : Back to Work

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Man where did those holidays go, it was a short week for me this week but it still dragged on forever. Back to the work,work,work a day world for a while. Hey, but like broken hearts and too many empty whiskey bottles it inspires a lot of good tunes, here’s a mere five.

Have a great first weekend of 2008 everyone!

1: Elvis Costello – Welcome To The Working Week
Buy My Aim Is True
2: Murder Mystery – Cold Hard Workin’ Man
Buy are you ready for the heartache cause here it comes
3: Golden Dogs – Construction Worker
Buy Big Eye Little Eye
4: Expecting Rain – My Gift To The Workers Who Won WWII
Download Saint Cecilia Sound System
5: Lynyrd Skynyrd – Workin’ For MCA
Buy Thyrty

5 On A Friday : Everything’s Gone Green

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Getting all green on you today in honor of the impending Saint Patrick’s Day holiday tomorrow.
And remember as you celebrate tomorrow that real beer is definitely not green, go with the Guinness.

1: The Smithereens – Green Thoughts
from Green Thoughts
2: REM- Green Grow The Rushes
from Fables Of The Reconstruction
3: Elvis Costello – Green Shirt(acoustic)
from Armed Forces
4: The Kinks – Village Green
from The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society
5: Hüsker Dü – Green Eyes
from Flip Your Wig