New Music : Illinois in The Adventures of Kid Catastrophe

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My fellow Bucks County musical residents, Illinois have a new album coming next Tuesday, November 4th, a six volume extravaganza called The Adventures of Kid Catastrophe. For the next six months they’ll be digitally releasing a chapter a month with a batch of songs and an ccompanying short film put together by Arch from the band and People-Food. Check out the video trailer and this first musical taste.
I’m really liking the cool groove of Hang On, it’s a bit electronic, a bit funky, and don’t miss the vocal solo, good stuff.

Illinois – Hang On
Buy The Adventures of Kid Catastrophe (iTunes)

Release Dates
Chapter 1 November 4, 2008
Chapter 2 December 2, 2008
Chapter 3 Jan. 13, 2009
Chapter 4 Feb. 3, 2009
Chapter 5 Mar. 3, 2009
Chapter 6 Apr. 7, 2009

Upcoming Tour Dates
November 3 Rock & Roll Hotel (Chapter 1 Release Party) Washington, DC
November 5 Mercury Lounge (Chapter 1 Release Party) New York, NY
November 6 Great Scott (Chapter 1 Release Party) Boston, MA
November 7 The Fire (Chapter 1 Release Party) Philadelphia, PA
December 2 Rock & Roll Hotel (Chapter 2 Release Party) Washington, DC
December 3 Rehab (Chapter 2 Release Party) New York, NY
December 4 Great Scott (Chapter 2 Release Party) Boston, MA
December 5 The Fire (Chapter 2 Release Party) Philadelphia, PA
January 13 Rock & Roll Hotel (Chapter 3 Release Party) Washington, DC
January 14 Rehab (Chapter 3 Release Party) New York, NY
January 15 Great Scott (Chapter 3 Release Party) Boston, MA
January 16 The Fire (Chapter 3 Release Party) Philadelphia, PA