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Something from the mailbag today. If you have something I should hear, all the contact info is there on the right hand side of the page. I may not feature everything that gets sent on the blog but it all absolutely gets listened to and you will hear back from me.

If you’ve ever been in a band, or have known anyone in a band, you know there’s always been that struggle between playing the music in your soul to often little acclaim or “selling out” and being a cover band and playing to larger audiences.

This quote from Lovesick Cousin’s myspace page kind of sums up the frustration bands begin to feel.

How long ’til we get there?

Lovesick Cousin started out as a wonderful
little americana band about three years ago.

Fronted by two
singer-songwriters with a passion for music that was at once accessible and off
the beaten path.

The singer-songwriters are still the same, but
somewhere along the way it became rather nice to actually be paid for
playing…and that usually means selling your soul to those who want to
hear…well…what-ever type of music it is that they want to hear.

Don’t get us wrong, playing is better than not playing and when the
collective age of your trio is just about 131 or so, and Karaoke is
everywhere…you learn to be entertained by playing “Soul Pocket” or whatever
the group dujor may be–because it could just be that you’re lucky to be

But do us a favor…if you’d be so kind.

you come out to see/hear us (by this I mean if you happen to
actually/accidentally stroll into a club/bar where we are performing) ask if the
band does any originals…then you may proceed to ply us with requests for “Bob
Seger”, “Bag of Snot”, “Brittany what-ever-her-name-was”, etc.

We will
smile, God will smile on you everyone wins.

Lovesick Cousin has crafted a fine disc of alt country songs. They list The Jayhawks, Johnny Cash, Neil Young,and The Byrds among thier influences and they have learned their lessons well. I hear a bit of all of those as well a bit of bands like Lone Justice or the Cowboy Junkies in their sound. If you like the songs posted below they have quite a few more at their website and on their myspace. These are roughs from their upcoming album, I know I’m looking forward to the finished product. If you’re in the Norfolk area, go and check them out. Make their day, tell them I sent you and request their original songs.

Lovesick Cousin is:
April Phillips-Bass and vocals
Bob Rankin- Guitar and vocals
Russell Scarborough- Drums

Upcoming Shows:
01/13/2007 09:00 PM – Captain Ron’s 9300 Chesapeake Blvd., Norfolk, Virginia
01/19/2007 09:00 PM – O’Sullivan’s Norfolk 4300 Colley Ave., Norfolk, Virginia
01/20/2007 09:00 PM – O’Sullivan’s Norfolk 4300 Colley Ave., Norfolk, Virginia
01/27/2007 09:00 PM – Whitehorse Pub Pembroke Mall, Virginia Beach, Virginia

MP3: Lovesick Cousin – Somehwere Behind
Lovesick Cousin – Greeting Card
MP3: Lovesick Cousin – Rollin’ and Wonderin’