5 On A Friday : DOH ! I Forgot To Get Stamps…

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Here’s a feature we haven’t done in quite a while, it’s 5 On A Friday in honor of the new Simpsons postage stamps released yesterday. Stop by the USPS site to vote for your favorite Simpson and register to win an autographed Matt Groening┬álimited edition┬áPoster. And remember to get those Mother’s Day cards in the mail by tomorrow because on Monday May 11th you’ll pay the penalty in more ways the one as the cost of a first class stamp goes up from 42 cents to 44 cents, not to mention what your mother will say if she gets a card with postage due.

1:The Marvelettes – Please Mr Postman
Buy Hitsville USA
2:Murder Mystery – Baby, You Can Write Me A Letter
Buy Are You Ready For The Heartache, Cause Here It Comes
3:The Sinceros – My Little Letter
Buy The Sound Of Sunbathing
4:Wilco – Box Full Of Letters
Buy AM
5:Miranda Lambert – Love Letters
Buy Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Happy Mothers Day !

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A little Mothers’ Day mix for you today. And don’t forget to visit or call your mother today, remember, you wouldn’t be here without her.

Merle Haggard – Mama Tried
Buy Mama Tried
Joni Mitchell – Songs To Aging Children Come
Buy Clouds
Neil Young – I Am A Child
Buy Decade
Beach House – Childhood
Buy Beach House
Liz Phair Mother’s Little Helper
Buy Music from and Inspired by Desperate Housewives
Lucinda Williams – Motherless Children
Buy Ramblin’
Miranda Lambert – Mama I’m Alright
Buy Kerosene
Nellie McKay – Mama And Me
Buy Pretty Little Head
Kanye West – Hey Mama
Buy Late Registration
The Supremes – Love Child
Buy Hitsville USA
Jimmy Castor – Hey Leroy, Your Mamma’s Callin You
Buy Soul Power Instrumentals

Grab Bag : New and Recent Releases

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Miranda Lambert is back with a second album, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and sets loose her inner Dixie Chick for an excellent disc that rocks as hard as it twangs. Proving she’s not some one album flash in the pan, Miranda wrote the bulk of the tunes on this new disc. Check out the blistering title track.

MP3: Miranda Lambert – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Buy Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Nick Lowe may or may not have an inner Dixie Chick, but he surely knows how to weave the country into his soulful pop gems.
He brings it full circle with At My Age, a new disc that’s closer to his Brinsley Schwartz roots than to his Jesus of Cool Pure Pop For Now People years.

MP3: Nick Lowe – A Man In Love
Buy At My Age

Photo By Ken Hinchey

Rap accompanied by lap steel guitar, in the words of the band :
Many have seen us, but they don’t know what our name is
They can’t remember,what I often hear’em say is
The white guy, in the white suit, with the black tie, on the slide, with the black guy, is fly
Hey Yo, We’re Slo Mo…The Odd Couple Of the Year
We love to play for people, mingle, and have a couple beers
Slo-Mo “Odd Couple”

MP3: Slo-Mo – Aramingo Takeout
Buy Smokey Mountain

Put Philip Glass, The Chemical Brothers and Ween in a room, tell them all to start playing at the same time, and you’ll have an idea of what Baltimore’s Dan Deacon sounds like. The Pitchfork rave of the moment is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but his noisy cacophony of song is definitely different.

MP3: Dan Deacon – Okie Dokie
Buy Spiderman Of The Rings

The NationalBoxer, the anticipation and buzz on this disc was so loud I had to check it out for myself.
I’ll commit blogger blasphemy and say I’m still not sure what the big deal is. Here’s one song I really liked. Listen for yourself and see what you think.

MP3: The National – Apartment Story
Buy The Boxer