Christmas Song Of The Day 24

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With only one more day to go we’re winding down to the end of this year’s Christmas song extravaganza, thanks to everyone who left comments or sent emails along the way and I hope everyone is having a great holiday season.

A few versions of a dark and gritty Tom Waits number for you on this cold and icy Christmas Eve.

Tom Waits – Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis
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Neko Case – Christmas Card Form A Hooker In Minneapolis
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5 On A Friday : Why Not Take The Train ?

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On this biggest travel weekend of the year, people are driving, flying, walking, basically doing whatever it takes to get home. For some reason trains have always held a certain fascination for songwriters. Here’s 5 odes to that traditional mode of transportation. Happy travels.

1: The Monkees – Last Train To Clarksville
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2: Neko Case – Train From Kansas City
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3: James Brown – Night Train
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4: Velvet Underground – Train Round The Bend
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5: Ryan Adams & The Cardinals – Trains
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Don’t You Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Neko

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Photo By Victoria Renard

Well now she can be. Check out this ebay auction and you can own the very bustier Neko Case is wearing in this picture.

From the ebay listing :
THE ITEM: This item is a 50’s era black lace full length girdle-style bustier with 6 garter attachments made by Lady Marlene. The tag says the cup size is 36 C but I am a 38 D and it fits great. The materials are elastic, nylon and rubber and the back is made out of a sort of satin-like material. It has flexible metal boning throughout to keep the goods propped up and the bads tucked away and in place. THE STORY: It was originally owned by me but I lent it to Neko Case for the pictured photo. At the time, Neko wore a size 12 and begged me to give it to her so she could “squish away her flab”. She bugged me relentlessly for a year until I finally caved in and gave it to her. We dubbed this little number “The Secret Weapon” because it made you look hot in or out of your clothing and mysteriously attracted members of the opposite sex for either of us when worn. Then, she went on a diet and fitness program and got down to a size 7. Two years after I gave it to her, she gave The Secret Weapon back to me. Why am I selling such a nostalgic piece of my past, you may ask? Because I couldn’t stand the competition and went on my own weight loss regime. Now, The Secret Weapon is too big for me too. Not to mention, I’m presently in a long term relationship and it would be far, far too dangerous for me to wear The Secret Weapon out of the house. In the heyday, however, my measurements were 38-31-40 meandering somewhere between a size 10 and size 12. Though it is in very good condition, The Secret Weapon has experienced (among many things) some gentle stretching along the sides of the waist and hip area. It has some very slight fraying around each side of the bra cups and is missing two eyes from it’s six hook and eye set that fastens down the front. It also zips up in front so I have never felt the need to replace the missing eyes. All six garters are in tact and in good condition. No holes or stains. Overall, it’s in great shape for it’s age and considering what it’s been through (many, many adventures indeed). I hope I look as good at 50+! The winning bidder will receive an original 8×10 color print of the photo (pictured here) of Neko wearing The Secret Weapon. Though magazines such as Rolling Stone, Esquire, and GQ have requested permission to print the photo it has only been published in a year 2000 girlie calendar put out as a promo piece for the record label Sympathy For The Record Industry which can be viewed here, Neko is Miss February. She’s wearing The Secret Weapon again in a photo shoot published on the web only for Kutie Magazine and in a never released super 8 stag loop reel shot in a rest stop bathroom at 3 AM in Minnehaha County, South Dakota. Those two scandously sextacular secrets are presently more closely guarded than Fort Knox by me and no bribe is big enough for anyone to see them and the full naughtiness involved. The pictured Miss February print is also available for sale separately through my website, More photos of this rare and seductive item also available upon request to serious bidders. THE CHARITY: Partial proceeds from this sale will go to Great Expectations Greyhound Rescue in honor of Neko’s beloved greyhound, whom she rescued. Thanks for viewing my auction. Happy bidding!

Here’s some Neko to listen to while you enter your bid.

MP3 : Neko Case – Rated X
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UPDATE : This baby went for a sassy $300