XPoNential Music Fest Saturday Afternoon Photos

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Some photos from the early afternoon portion of this weekend’s WXPN XPoNential Music festival at Wiggins Park on The Camden NJ waterfront. Cheers Elephant kicked the day off on the Marina stage in fine style with an outstanding set, followed by new wavey sounds of Zolof The Rock And Roll Destroyer and then the rhythmic indie rock of Delaware’s Spinto Band on the main stage.

Cheers Elephant

Zolof The Rock and Roll Destroyer

Spinto Band

Rocking at The M Room This Past Sunday

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Some photos from this past Sunday’s Bag Of Songs night at the M Room in Philadelphia. Fantastic sets from RunRunner, Secret Life Of Sofia, New Motels and Adam & Dave’s Bloodline for an enthusiastic and appreciative Sunday night crowd. If you missed this you missed a hell of a good time. Big, big, thanks to all of the bands, the M Room, and everyone who came out on a Sunday for making it a hugely successful and fun night.


Secret Life Of Sofia

New Motels

Adam & Dave’s Bloodline

Sunday, June 22nd, Day 3 Of The Philly Popped! Festival

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Some photos from Sunday, June 22, Day 3 of Philadelphia’s Popped! Festival at World Cafe Live. The home team made up the bulk of the lineup today with some of Philly’s best bands playing. I arrived in plenty of time time to grab a Grimbergen Dubbel Abbey Ale from the bar and stake out a prime spot to catch Cheers Elephant kick off the days proceedings with a dazzling set in the upstairs bar, showing why they are one of Philly’s hottest bands right now. Spent some time chatting with Jessica from Popwreck(oning) in between sets. Next up were The Vandelles, a band I had not only not seen before, but had never heard of. Well, I won’t be forgetting them anytime soon because their reverb laden psychedelic laced sound was amazing, with a sound falling somehwere between Jesus And Mary Chain and The Black Angels. They also delivered the “girls can rock too” moment of the festival in the powerhouse rhythm section of Suzanne Pagliorola and Lisha Nadkarni on drums and bass respectively. Then it was downstairs for Gildon Works who delivered one of the best sets of the weekend, their shoegazey psychedelic blend was absolutely massive sounding. Then it was back upstairs for one of my favorite Philly bands The Swimmers, who despite having to use a fill in bass player for the afternoon, sounded as fantastic as always. At this point the downstairs stage took a weird turn toward the performance art side with one man avant garde poet guitarist PWRFL Power up next. Three songs and it was back upstairs for me where I spent some time hanging out with Carly and Royce from Girl About Town for a bit while Takka Takka prepared to play. Caught most of Takka Takka’s interesting set before heading back downstairs to see the much buzzed about Tickley Feather. More avant garde performance art tinged music that continued the theme started earlier. Although much more great music still remained, it was at this point I had to jump ship and make my way across town to the M room for my Bag Of Songs night, more on that coming soon…

Cheers Elephant
The Vandelles
Gildon Works
The Swimmers
Takka Takka
Tickley Feather
The Downstairs Stage

The Annuals,Hymns, and East Hundred Friday June 20 @ Millcreek Tavern

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Backtracking a bit today to catch up on a few photos from the beginning of my 20 bands in 3 days musical weekend that started off Friday night at The Millcreek Tavern in West Philadelphia. The Annuals, Hymns and Philly’s own East Hundred all played outstanding sets on a steamy first official night of summer.

East Hundred


The Annuals

The Annuals

The Stage Setup

Saturday At The Philly Popped ! Festival

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Some photos from Day 2 of the Philly Popped! Festival for you. The Ting Ting‘s kicked off the Saturday portion with a high energy set that had the crowd who had arrived early for one of the day’s most anticpated acts, up and dancing from the first note. One of the best sets of the day left no doubt they won’t be an opening act much longer. Up next was Philly hometown favorites Hoots and Hellmouth whose countrified stomping hoedown also went over extremely well with the largely indie rock crowd. Mr. Lif despite having some doubts about his place on the bill “I wasn’t sure if you all wanted to hear this rap shit” expertly turned the crowd into a chanting, arm waving, house party. Next on was Dan Deacon, who set up right in the midst of everyone instead of on the stage and in an amazing display of audience participation that I can best describe as a mix of Romper Room and and all night rave party, despite having to cut his set a bit short to make up time, worked the place into a totally insane, dancing, crowd surfing frenzy. As the crowd seemed to suddenly double at this point in the day, Gogol Bordello went on. Sounding like what I would imagine The Pogues would be if they chose to play gypsy music instead of Irish music. It was at this point the blazing sun had taken it’s toll and we made the tough call to opt out on the rest of the day, which had Crytsal Castles, Mates Of State and Vampire Weekend yet to come. Thanks to Flickr users ellectricity & adjust the aperture their photos. Be sure to check in with my friends at Girl About Town and Pop(wreckoning) for their coverage of the day as well.The Ting Tings Kick it off

Popped! — Hoots & Hellmouth, originally uploaded by ellectricity.

Mr Lif Has A House Party
Dan Deacon Works The Crowd
Crowd Surfing
Golgol Bordello

crystal castles. again., originally uploaded by adjust the aperture.

mates of state., originally uploaded by adjust the aperture.

vampire weekend., originally uploaded by adjust the aperture.

LIVE: 05.25.08 Hymns,Pico Vs Island Trees & Shawn Fogel @ M Room

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Shawn Fogel

Pico Vs Island Trees


A few photos from last night’s Bag Of Songs Night at The M Room with Hymns, Pico Vs Island Trees and Shawn Fogel.
Shawn Fogel kicked the evening off with a solo set alternating on electric and acoustic guitar and comprised of songs from his latest EP,One Day In The Desert as well as a bunch of excellent new songs and a few choice covers including Matthew Sweet’s Holy War and the obscure John Strohm/Velo Deluxe gem Angel. Pico Vs Island Trees were up next, lead singer Bryan Carter reminding somewhat of a young David Johannsen with the stage presence to go along with it. They delivered a rocking high energy set, personal highlights for me were their new single Open Doors and a blistering version of McCartney’s Jet joined by Jason of Hymns on backing vocals and tambourine. Hymns were up next and continued the McCartney theme by opening their set with a killer version of Band On The Run. Big, big thanks to all of the bands for a fantastic night of music all around.

If you missed it, Hymns will be back in Philly on June 2Oth with The Annuals at The Mill Creek Tavern. Pico Vs Island Trees will be delivering the goods next to their hometown crowd at Nashville’s Mercy Lounge on June 7th. Shawn Fogel plays next with his full band May 28 at Piano‚Äôs in New York City.

Be sure to check out Jessica’s excellent review of Shawn Fogel’s set over at pop wreck(oning)

Pico Vs Island Trees [MYSPACE]

LIVE : SSLY Boris Yeltsin,Via Audio, Aderbat 04.23.08 @ Johnny Brenda’s

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Some photos from last night’s show at Johnny Brenda’s In Philadelphia. Opening the night was Philly’s own Aderbat whose lead singer and bass player could pass for a young Bob Dylan and Kris Kristofferson respectively. It was my first time seeing them and they played an excellent set of music with a sound that falls somewhere between My Morning Jacket and Wilco. Great stuff, definitely add them to your list of must see Philly Bands. Up next was Brooklyn’s Via Audio, who played a high energy set of dance music with a distinctly eighties new wave overtone that the crowd couldn’t get enough of. Expect them to rise hot on the heels of fellow Brooklynites MGMT and Yeasayer real soon. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin closed the evening with their brand jangly guitar pop. After a rousing finale of their song Oceanographer, the boys came back out for an encore joined by the members of Via Audio for a “we didn’t practice this but we’re going to try it anyway” version of Nirvana’s Heart Shaped Box which, despite a few ramshackle moments, really rocked. See the lyric cliff notes they had on stage along with a scan of the setlist below. A great night of music all around.


Via Audio

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

LIVE : Carbon/Silicon April 7 2008 @ World Cafe Live

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A few pictures from last nights Carbon/Silicon show at World Cafe In Philadelphia. Carbon/Silicon is Mick Jones(The Clash,Big Audio Dynamite) and Tony James(Generation X) newest band. They played a set of songs mainly from their latest disc The Last Post as well as a cover of Tim Hardin‘s Reason To Believe sung by Tony James. A musically rocking show that was very reminiscient of The Clash soundwise but with a cool laid back stage vibe from the band. The show came to a rousing finish as a good portion of the audience joined the band on stage to dance the night away.

Sorry I have no photos, but Philadelphia’s own Matt Pond PA opened the evening with solid set of their indie pop, my first time seeing them, personally reminded me a lot of Spoon.

They didn’t happen toplay this song last night, but it’s one of my favorites from the current album. Enjoy !

MP3: Carbon/Silicon – National Anthem
Buy The Last Post

See more of Lauren Trzaska‘s excellent photos and over at Girl About Town

Mick Jones Photo By Lauren Trzaska
Tony James Photo By Lauren Trzaska

LIVE: Holy F*ck, A Place To Bury Strangers, Gildon Works 03.20.08 @ Johnny Brenda’s

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Catching up on some backlog today, here’s a few photos from last Thursday night’s show at Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia with Gildon Works, A Place To Bury Strangers, and Holy F*ck. First up was Philadelphia’s Gildon Works, this was the sceond time I had seen them and it was even more impressive than the first. Since the last time I’d seen them they added a couple additional members including a female percussionist/backup vocalist. Their blend of psychedelic shoe gazey, noisey, pop really kicked the night off on a high note. Their new cd is being released soon , watch out for it. Next up was a band whose live show I had heard numerous raves about including a number of blistering appearances at SXSW, A Place To Bury Strangers. They did not disappoint. Taking the stage in total darkness, coming on like the bastard children of Jesus And Mary Chain and Sonic Youth, they proceeded to tear into a mind numbing aural assault of what can best be described as melodic white noise. Fueled by powerhouse drumming with guitar and bass turned up well past the distortion point, it was as mesmerizing as it was loud. The only real lighting during the show was some black and white film footage projected onto the stage, the mostly dark atmosphere only helped to increase the intensity. They ended their set with a strobe light flashing the whole time as the guitar player literally tore all the strings from his guitar in a haze of feedback drenched sound. Do not miss them if you get the chance, it was absolutely amazing. I would not have wanted to be the band to have to go on after them they set the bar incredibly high. Holy F*ck rose to the challenge however and drove the energy level even higher by working the crowd into a dancing frenzy with their instrumental and highly rhythmic songs. Go see these bands on tour if you can. For another take on the show be sure to read Carly’s review over at Girl About Town where you can also see some great photos of Holy F*ck by SinABox Camera.

Gildon Works – Artful Rifle
Buy Gildon Works EP
A Place To Bury Strangers – My Weakness
Buy A Place To Bury Strangers
Holy F*ck -Lovely Allen
Buy Holy Fuck LP

Gildon Works

A Place To Bury Strangers

Holy Fuck

LIVE: Jotto, Squaaks, The Chimeras,Thinking Machines @ Johnny Brenda’s 03.15.08

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While most of the music world was converging on Austin, Texas for the SXSW conference, Philadelphia was still asserting it’s place as a music city to reckoned with last night at Johnny Brenda’s. First up in a preview of next month’s Bag Of Songs night April 20th at The M Room were the Thinking Machines with an amazing set of songs from their brand new cd, A Complete Record Of Urban Archaeology. A guitar oriented rhythmic sound sound I can best describe as sort of like Gang Of Four meets Fugazi. Next up was folk-edelic stylings of The Chimeras playing songs from their new disc, Party Of God, a loosely conceptual rumination on war and religion in the middle east. Baltimore’s Squaaks were next, tearing through a tight set of their blend of high energy rock. Jotto closed the evening with a set of dancey music that fans of current buzz bands Yeasayer or MGMT would love.

MP3: Thinking Machines – Return To The Red Sun
Buy A Complete Record Of Urban Archaeology
MP3: The Chimeras – Good Friday
Buy Party Of God
MP3: Squaaks – Be Dry My Bleeding Heart
Buy Rock Control
MP3: Jotto – Backyard Circus
Buy Jotto EP

Thinking Machines

The Chimeras



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