5 On A Friday : Holy Roller Batman !

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Today’s five kind of sprung out of a conversation I was having last weekend with my friends Ms Carly Girl About Town and Mr. SinABox Camera about what songs I should post for Easter. It evolved into a lengthy discussion about the use of biblical quotes in rock songs, but I’ll save that for another day. Easter’s now past, but it was an interesting idea which I’ve kind of simplified a bit for today’s five. Some varying interpretions of Jesus in song for you today.

1: The Velvet Underground – Jesus
Buy Peel Slowly And See
2: John Wesley Harding – The Original Miss Jesus
Buy Why We Fight
3: Ben Folds – Jesusland
Buy Songs For Silverman
4: Kanye West – Jesus Walks
Buy The Collge Dropout
5: Soundgarden – Jesus Christ Pose
Buy Badmotorfinger