Christmas Song Of The Day 13

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Big thanks To BRH for turning me on to today’s selection. It’s a slinky, soulful, little number that’s just perfect for grabbing your significant other and doing some slow and dirty holiday dancing beneath the mistletoe.  So fire up the fireplace, grab your libation of choice and get to unwrapping those special presents.

Southern Culture On The Skids – Merry Christmas Baby
Buy Just Say Noel

Monday Morning Blues : Live Southern Culture On The Skids

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Tapping the Live Music Archive today for a smoking hot down and dirty set from Southern Culture On The Skids to start your post Easter work week off with a kick.

Southern Culture On The Skids
11.18.06 Tractor Tavern Ballard, WA

Mojo Box
Voodoo Cadillac Blues
Nitty Gritty
White Trash
Corn Liquor
King of the Mountain
The Wetspot
House of Bamboo
Liquored Up and Lacquered Down
Cheap Motels
Biscuit Eater
Greenback Fly
Banana Pudding
Dirt Track Date
Daddy Was A Preacher But Momma Was A Go-Go Girl
Eight Piece Box
Camel Walk
Fight Fire
Soul City
The Great Atomic Power

the whole show as a zip

5 On A Friday : The Thirteenth

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Once again it’s Friday the thirteenth. Thirteen historically being a number full of mystery and superstition, today for 5 on A Friday we’ll take a look at some of the songs holding down the lucky?/unlucky? thirteenth spot on their respective albums. So cross your fingers, close your eyes, and turn it up.

13.1: Wilco – Too Far Apart
Buy AM
13.2: Modest Mouse – Dashboard
Buy We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank
13.3: Southern Culture On The Skids – Fight Fire
Buy Countrypolitan Favorites
13.4: The White Stripes – Girl You Have No Faith In Medicine
Buy Elephant
13.5: Bright Eyes – Lime Tree
Buy Cassadaga