New Music: Ringing Out The Bell

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College years are one of the most exciting times of your life as far as exposure to new and amazing discoveries about life, th eworld and yourself are concerned. It is the time when the music you listen to is the soundtrack to all your hopes and dreams and becomes ingrained in your memory’s DNA for the rest of your life. The songs that in the years following can flash an entire night or day through your mind in the first few notes. The early eighties were those years for me, a time before cds when scouring independent records stores for the newest hard to find vinyl singles and import records. Joy Division,Gang Of Four,The Cure, U2,The Psychedelic Furs, Killing Joke,Echo And The Bunnymen and on and on were all brand new back then and driving the sound of underground college radio stations everywhere. In small dark clubs with the music swirling all around dancing was still a legitimate response.

Sweden’s The Bell have captured the essence of that era and distilled it for you on their new record Make Some Quiet. Dark and mysterious yet somehow joyous and upbeat all at the same time. Who can forget the rush the first time you heard a song like Temptation by New Order. The Bell certainly hasn’t. Thirteen songs that will have you singing and dancing along in no time soundtracking your memories. Make Some Quiet sees a US release today, February 12. Remember to pick up your copy.

MP3: The Bell – I Am History
MP3: The Bell – Never Had To Pay Before

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