The Feelies at World Cafe Live 04.17.10

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Due to the day job becoming a black hole that sucks in all my free time the past couple months, the posting here has been rather sparse, my apologies to all of the loyal followers out there. In the meantime the music has still been happening fast and furious and if can manage to squeeze a couple of free hours out of each day hopefully I can get the posting can get back on track here.  With that being said I promised a lot of cool people that I chatted with at this show that I would get it online for you all to enjoy. It’s a fantastic set from a couple weeks ago at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia by the legendary Feelies, a setlist filled with classics, a sprinkling of new songs, and chock full of the covers they famously put their spin on.  I think it may have even surpassed the brilliant set I saw them play at Johnny Brendas just about a year ago (you can still listen to that set here). Big thanks to my friend Chris for once again getting it all on tape.

Have a great weekend.  Rock On.  -tom

A Night With The Feelies
04.17.10 at World Cafe Live, Philadelphia PA

Set 1
When Company Comes
Sunday Morning [Velvet Underground]
Egyptian Reggae [Jonathan Richman]
The Undertow
Bluer Skies
Nobody Knows
The High Road
On the Roof
Let’s Go
For Now
Barstool Blues [Neil Young]

Set 2
Deep Fascination
Higher Ground
The Final Word
Doin’ it Again
Original Love
Slipping (Into Something)
Time is Right
Too Far Gone
Raised Eyebrows
Crazy Rhythms


Boxcars(Carnival Of Sorts) [REM]
Take It As It Comes [The Doors]
Everybody’s Got Something To Hide(Except For Me And My Monkey)[Beatles]
Moscow Nights
Fa Ce La
Outdoor Miner [Wire]
She Said She Said [Beatles]
I Wanna Sleep In Your Arms [Modern Lovers]
What Goes On [Velvet Underground]


The Feelies Live At Johnny Brenda’s 03.13.09

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The Feelies, Then(1991) and Now (2009)

The Feelies, Then(1991) and Now (2009)

It’s been a little over 18 years since The Feelies last graced a stage in Philadelphia but Friday night’s show at Johnny Brenda’s showed that in the intervening time, they haven’t lost any of the power earned them their influential underground legend status. The band Qatsi kicked off the festivities with an enjoyable opening set of jangle pop. Then, touching on songs from all of their records plus a couple new songs, The Feelies played a finely tuned set that gradually built in intensity and culminated with the frenetic one two punch of Raised Eyebrows and Crazy Rhythms that left the crowd in a frenzy for more. They then upped the energy level a notch by kicking off each of their three encores with blistering covers of the Beatles, Rolling Stones and Neil Young respectively and ending the night with The Modern Lovers’ I Want To Sleep In Your Arms.
But don’t just take my word for it, here’s a nice recording of the whole show for you to enjoy as well.

The Feelies 03.13.09 @ Johnny Brenda's

The Feelies 03.13.09 @ Johnny Brenda

The Feelies
03.13.09 Johnny Brenda’s Philadelphia PA

01 On The Roof
02 High Road
03 Nobody Knows (new)
04 Let’s Go
05 Invitation
06 Deep Fascination
07 Higher Ground
08 The Final Word
09 Time Is Right (new)
10 Away
11 Slipping Into Something
12 Doin’ It Again
13 Too Far Gone
14 Raised Eyebrow
15 Crazy Rhythms

Encore 1
16 She Said, She Said (Beatles)
17 Sooner Or Later

Encore 2
18 Paint It Black (Rolling Stones)
19 Fa Ce La

Encore 3
20 Barstool Blues (Neil Young)
21 I Want To Sleep In Your Arms (Modern Lovers)

5 On A Friday : Crazy Ways are Evident

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To quote the inimitable Led Zeppelin, Dancing days are here again, as the summer evenings grow…
(Have you heard the rumor ? Jimmy Page will be supposedly playing at the closing ceremonies of the Olympics…Hmmm)

1: The Feelies – Dancing Barefoot (Patti Smith)
Rare Bob Magazine Flexidisc

2: T.Rex – Cosmic Dancer
Buy Electric Warrior
3: Los Campesinos! You! Me! Dancing!
Buy Hold On Now Youngster…
4: Killing Joke – Wardance
Buy Killing Joke
5: The Cave Singers – Dancing On Our Graves

Buy Invitation Songs

Just Some Midweek Randomness

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A random ten to listen to as you meander your way through the middle of the week and on towards the weekend. Zen.

The Feelies – Slipping Into Something
Buy The Good Earth
Joy Division – Colony
Buy Closer
RunRunner – Bad Timing
Buy RunRunner
Elbow – Grounds For Divorce
Buy The Seldom Seen Kid
Duffy – Mercy(Rwemix)
Buy Rockferry
Expecting Rain – Not Otherwise Specified
Get St Cecilia Sound System
Billy Bragg – The Beach Is Free (solo version)
Buy Mr Love And Justice
Adele – Crazy For You
Buy 19
Seu Jorge – Fiore de la Citta
Buy Cru
Midlake – Roscoe (acoustic)
Buy The Trials Of Van Occupanther