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So it’s Halloween, and if you’re concerned about those darn kids having too much candy why not buy them a guitar or some drums.

Louisville, Kentucky’s Squirrel Bait released their first record, an EP on the indie label Homestead, in 1985. An eight song, seventeen minute, pummeling fury of guitar, drums, fronted by the manic singing of Peter Searcy, it earned mucho praise from people like Bob Mould and Evan Dando. Spin Magazine even proclaimed that lead singer Peter Searcy had “the best voice in rock and roll next to Paul Westerberg”. After releasing a couple of singles and one more much acclaimed album, 1986’s Skag Heaven, Squirrel Bait pretty much flamed out under its own intensity by 1988.

The average age of the band members when the band fell apart was an astounding seventeen years old.

Even though they burned out hard and bright, the members became deep roots on the indie rock family tree spinning off into the bands Slint, Bastro, Evergreen, King Kong, Gastr Del Sol, Brise Glace, Yona Kit, Coctails,The For Carnation,and The Lemonheads and more.

So TURN IT UP and scare the kids straight with these tunes from Squirrel Bait, who knows you may inspire the next Foo Fighters.

MP3: Squirrel Bait – Hammering So Hard from the Squirrel Bait EP
Squirrel Bait – Sun God from the Squirrel Bait EP
Squirrel Bait – When I Fall from the Squirrel Bait EP
Squirrel Bait – Kid Dynamite from Skag Heaven
Squirrel Bait – Black Light Poster Child from Skag Heaven

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