those darn kids…

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So it’s Halloween, and if you’re concerned about those darn kids having too much candy why not buy them a guitar or some drums.

Louisville, Kentucky’s Squirrel Bait released their first record, an EP on the indie label Homestead, in 1985. An eight song, seventeen minute, pummeling fury of guitar, drums, fronted by the manic singing of Peter Searcy, it earned mucho praise from people like Bob Mould and Evan Dando. Spin Magazine even proclaimed that lead singer Peter Searcy had “the best voice in rock and roll next to Paul Westerberg”. After releasing a couple of singles and one more much acclaimed album, 1986’s Skag Heaven, Squirrel Bait pretty much flamed out under its own intensity by 1988.

The average age of the band members when the band fell apart was an astounding seventeen years old.

Even though they burned out hard and bright, the members became deep roots on the indie rock family tree spinning off into the bands Slint, Bastro, Evergreen, King Kong, Gastr Del Sol, Brise Glace, Yona Kit, Coctails,The For Carnation,and The Lemonheads and more.

So TURN IT UP and scare the kids straight with these tunes from Squirrel Bait, who knows you may inspire the next Foo Fighters.

MP3: Squirrel Bait – Hammering So Hard from the Squirrel Bait EP
Squirrel Bait – Sun God from the Squirrel Bait EP
Squirrel Bait – When I Fall from the Squirrel Bait EP
Squirrel Bait – Kid Dynamite from Skag Heaven
Squirrel Bait – Black Light Poster Child from Skag Heaven

BUY IT : squirrel bait

out on the endless wire

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It’s been over two decades years since It’s Hard, the last time The Who delivered a new studio album. In the interim there’s been umpteen final tours and greatest hits collections as well as a few Townsend and Daltry solo projects. Nothing of great consequence, so let me say my expectations for this new set were set pretty low. that all changes this week with the release of
Endless Wire
Boy was I wrong, Endless Wire is a very respectable showing from them.
The album is broken into two parts, the first 9 songs and the last 10 songs which comprise the Wire and Glass mini-opera, althought thematically there’s not a great shift between the two, all 19 songs could easily be looked at as a whole.
The album opens with Fragments, which sounds like a mash-up of older Who songs with new vocals over top. Simultaneously invoking the old and new at the same time and setting the tone for the rest that follows. While the disc feels eerily reminiscient of Tommy or Quadrophenia it also feels fresh. To paraprhase a recent Townsend quote “this is not the old Who, this is all new”

MP3: The Who – Fragments
The Who – It’s Not Enough
The Who We Got A Hit(extended version)

BUY IT : the who

got the time ?

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Don’t know what to do with that extra hour after you set your clock back today ?
Here’s a one hour mix of mostly 2006 releases for you to listen to while you decide.

01 Time Will Do The Talking – Chelsea Taube – Chelsea Taube
02 The Last Hour – Elliot Smith – From A Basement On The Hill
03 All The Time – Tom Waits – Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards(disc one- Brawlers)
04 Hours – TV on the Radio – Return to Cookie Mountain
05 Long Time – The Roots – Game Theory
06 Overtime – Girl Talk – Night Ripper
07 The Last Time – Gnarls Barkley – St. Elsewhere
08 Run Away From Time – Ray Davies – Other People’s Lives
09 She Don’t Care About Time – The Byrds – The Byrds Box Set
10 Flirting With Time – Tom Petty – Highway Companion
11 Long Time Gone – Gin Blossoms – Major Lodge Victory
12 Time Bomb – The Format – Dog Problems
13 Get The Time – Descendents – Somery
14 Modern Times – The Black Keys – Magic Potion
15 This Time You Got It – Cheap Trick – Rockford
16 The Right Time – Ray Charles -The Birth Of Soul: The Complete Atlantic Rhythm & Blues Recordings, 1952-1959
17 After Hours (Closet Mix) – The Velvet Underground – Peel Slowly And See (Disc 4)

MP3: What to do what an hour mix(zipfile) YSI link

On the verge : The Format

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The Format came from completely off my radar to a sure lock for one of my top ten discs of the year. Dog Problems is an amazing album full of smart,incredibly catchy pop songs. If you’re a fan of Fountains of Wayne’s Welcome Interstate Managers or Nada Surf’s The Weight Is A Gift you NEED this disc. It won’t be long until these guys are a household name.
Check it out or buy it here

They are currently out on tour with the All American Rejects and just released an iTunes exclusive live ep And Now I Hope You’re All Right” six songs live from their current tour, by all reports a dazzling multi instrumental affair.

Check out Heather’s take on their August Denver show here

Here’s a few recent acoustic tracks you won’t find on the new EP

MP3: The Compromise (acoustic)
She Doesn’t Get It (acoustic)
Pick Me Up (acoustic)

on myspace :
official website :

the murmur of crazy rhythms

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Like a mist rolling through an early morning meadow the journey through the new album from The Shrinking Islands begins. Native Light is awash in cymbals and subtle guitar parts that set a perfect opening tone, just like the calm before the first light of day. Then the real trip begins, seven more songs filled with chiming guitars, melodic bass lines and earnest vocals interwoven into jangling pop gems. Wander through State Fair as the song slowly builds to a an alternating dance of guitar and bass counterpoints. Try not to sing along to my personal favorite at the moment, the hypercatchy Swallowed In Grace, a song that will stick in your head for days.

Shades of the Byrds meets Velvet Underground sound that kickstarted a revolution on college radio back in the eighties are evident all around. But much like those bands – REM, Yo La Tengo, The Feelies, Let’s Active,The Db’s, Dumptruck and many others, Kyle Bittinger and Andy Tefft have crafted a brilliant pop record that takes their influences and molds them into their own distinct sound. Hailing from Cambridge, Massachusetts, they recorded In The Black Carpet at MIT’s WMBR live studio where Kyle is an engineer, and the sound of the record is beautiful – pristine, shimmering, and timeless.

Don’t let this become one of the overlooked gems of 2006, it deserves to be heard. Get it today, get it right now.

In The Black Carpet by The Shrinking Islands, is the newest release on the Sort of Records label, home to many other great artists as well. Be sure check out some of them too while you’re there.

Sort Of Records : website myspace
The Shrinking Islands :
website myspace

MP3: State Fair
Swallowed In Grace via

be sure to check out their myspace page for a few more songs too

BUY IT: itunes sort of records

Kicking The Shins

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Well I don’t have it , and apparently everyone who does is getting a slap on the wrist for sharing, (more here at Idolator) but you can still hear some of the new Shins songs on The Hype Machine if you hurry

The Shins on The Hype Machine

And it’s as good a reason as any to post a pic of Natalie Portman, whose mere mention of them in the movie Garden State helped put them where they are today .

enjoy !

Sitting On A Pile Of Gold

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The Blow is Khaela Maricich and Jona Bechtolt. Khaela sings in a fifties girl group styled voice over the electronic pop ditties created by Jona. Their new disc Paper Television comes out Tuesday October 24th on K-records
and is chock full catchy songs that will stick in your head for days. Imagine the Flying Lizards covering Outkast’s Hey Ya and you’ve got Pile of Gold, the first single.
Give it a listen and just try not to dance around the room.

more info on Khaela and Jona on the K-Records site here

The group also recently ran a contest on YouTube asking listeners to submit their own videos for the song Pile of Gold.
See the one featured below and many more here

official website

From now until Tuesday October 24th download FREE from K-Records
Poor Aim : Love SongsHey Boy, The Sky Opened Wide Like the Tide, Knowing the Things That I Know, Lets Play Boys Chase Girls, The Love That I Crave, Hock It, Come On Petunia

I had a couple more songs for you but EZARCHIVE just wouldn’t cooperate

ZIP : The Blow – Poor Aim: Love Songs

MP3 : The Blow – Pile Of Gold

BUY IT: the blow


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Due to some technical difficulties, no new music today, sorry.
But since it’s October, it’s as good of an excuse as any excuse to talk about Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest is held each year in Germany from the end of September through the first weekend in October. Oktoberfest beer is typically darker in color ond a bit stronger in alcohol than your average beer. It is a smooth, drinkable ,sometimes spicy beer, that is a perfect way to ring in the fall season.

To get you started here’s an Oktoberfest beer to try for everyday of the month
31 tasty treats in all:

Samuel Adams Octoberfest
Paulaner Oktoberfest-Bier
Spaten Oktoberfestbier
Hacker-Pschorr Oktoberfest-Märzen
Ayinger Oktober Fest-Märzen
Brooklyn Oktoberfest
Victory Festbier
Avery The Kaiser
Abita Amber
Beck’s Oktoberfest
Hofbräu Oktoberfestbier
Goose Island Oktoberfest
Flying Dog Dogtoberfest
Summit Oktoberfest Marzen
Stoudt’s Fest
Saranac Octoberfest
Gordon Biersch Marzen
Thomas Hooker Octoberfest
Berkshire Oktoberfest
Leinenkugel’s Oktoberfest
Löwenbräu Oktoberfestbier
Tröegs Bavarian Lager
Michelob Marzen
Penn Oktoberfest
Flying Fish OktoberFish
Old Dominion Octoberfest
Capital Oktoberfest
Weeping Radish Fest Amber Lager
Staghorn Octoberfest
Sprecher Oktoberfest
Schell Octoberfest

If that’s not enough to tide you over find some more here

What’s that? if you thought all beer was delivered by Clydesdales,
you need to go here :
and see what real beer is all about. Most people who say they don’t like beer just
haven’t tried the right one.

Want to try some out first hand ?
Come on out this weekend for the first Newtown Brewfest

Here’s some of the brewers that will be there :
Anchor Brewing Anheuser Busch (Micros) Barley Creek Brewing Brewery Ommegang Carlsberg Brewery Climax Brewing Clipper City Brewing Dogfish Head Craft Brewery Flying Bison Fordham Brewery InBev USA-Stella Artois, Hoegaarden, Leffe Blonde Lancaster Brewing Company Legacy Brewing Co. Lion Brewery Magic Hat Brewery Penn Brewery Redhook River Horse Rogue Brewery Sam Adams Scottish & New Castle Imports Southampton Publick House Star Brand Imports Straub Brewery Triumph Brewery-New Hope Troegs Unibroue Victory Brewing Widmer Brewing Yards

Also there will be some live blues music to drink to from Richard Ray Farrell
Hear a few songs from his disc Bohemian Life here

There will also be local vendors providing food including German specialties.

1st Newtown Brewfest
Saturday, October 21, 2006
2:00 to 6:00 pm
301 South State Street,Newtown PA
at the Newtown Stocking Works

Cheers !

The Original Killer

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Before there was Brandon Flowers there was Jerry Lee Lewis, the original “Killer”. Jerry Lee is one of the founding fathers of rock and roll, and his new disc both confirms and reaffirms his legacy. Twenty one duets with everyone ranging from from Little Richard to Keith Richards to Kid Rock, his contempararies as well as those he influenced, all lend a hand.

This is one of the best discs of the year showing both Jerry Lee’s rock and country side, and despite all the star power thrown in, it’s unmistakeably Jerry Lee Lewis.

Jerry Lee Lewis – Last Man Standing
01 Rock and Roll -w- JIMMY PAGE
02 Before The Night Is Over -w- B.B. KING
03 Pink Cadillac -w- BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN
04 Evening Gown -w- MICK JAGGER & RONNIE WOOD
05 You Don’t Have To Go -w- NEIL YOUNG
06 Twilight -w- ROBBIE ROBERTSON
07 Travelin’ Band -w- JOHN FOGERTY
08 That Kind Of Fool -w- KEITH RICHARDS
09 Sweet Little 16 -w- RINGO STARR
10 Just a Bummin’ Around – w- MERLE HAGGARD
11 Honky Tonk Women -w- KID ROCK
12 What’s Made Milwaukee Famous -w- ROD STEWART
13 Don’t Be Ashamed of Your Age -w- GEORGE JONES
14 A Couple More Years -w- WILLIE NELSON
15 Old Glory -w- TOBY KEITH
16 Trouble In Mind -w- ERIC CLAPTON
17 I Saw Her Standing There -w- LITTLE RICHARD
18 Lost Highway -w- DELANEY BRAMLETT
19 Hadacohl Boogie -w- BUDDY GUY
20 The Irish Heart Beat -w- DON HENLEY
21 The Pilgrim Ch. 33

And coming up in December be sure to watch your local PBS listings for
the PBS Great Performances of Jerry Lee Lewis – Last Man Standing live in concert

Official Website

MP3: Jerry Lee Lewis – Rock and Roll
Jerry Lee Lewis – Don’t Be Ashamed of Your Age
Jerry Lee Lewis – I Saw Her Standing There

BUY IT : jerry lee lewis

Artist of the Day : John Hiatt

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In honor John Hiatt’s performance this week(Tuesday 10/17) in Princeton NJ (tickets here) here’s a sampling of some of my favorites from over the years.
John Hiatt has been making music since the early 70’s, his songs have been covered over and over again by his peers, who recognized his ability early on to pen a sharp tune. Three Dog Night, Dave Edmunds,Rosanne Cash,The Neville Brothers,Iggy Pop, and Bonnie Raitt are just a few that have utilized John’s songs. It was Bonnie’s hugely popular cover of Thing Called Love that lifted him from the relative obscurity of being the songwriter’s songwriter
to a household name. From his brilliant storytelling to his sly witted songs about life and love, John Hiatt is a master of his craft. Don’t just take my word for it, give the songs a listen and decide for yourself.
And if he plays near you, be sure to catch a show,as he is a captivating performer that truly knows how to charm an audience.

Official website

MP3: Sure As I’m Sitting Here from Hanging Around The Observatory
Radio Girl from Slug Line
Pink Bedroom from Two Bit Monsters
Your Dad Did from Bring The Family
Trudy And Dave from Slow Turning
I Don’t Even Try from Riding With The King
Getting Excited from All Of A Sudden
Through Your Hands from Stolen Moments
Perfectly Good Guitar from Perfectly Good Guitar

BUY IT : john hiatt

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