50 Great Singles of 2006 Part 2 of 5

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Ten more for your listening enjoyment including the year’s HUGE smash “Crazy” and the surprisingly good return of The Who.

40: Damien Rice – The Rat Within the Grain 2:54
The best song on a disc that is essentially “O” part 2.

39: Gnarls Barkley – Crazy 2:58
Mashup goes mainstream for hands down the biggest single song of the year, really, who didn’t cover this one this year ?

38: The Who – We Got A Hit (Extended Version) 3:03
With only 2 original members a potential disaster in the making turned out to not be a half bad record after all.

37: James Hunter – No Smoke Without Fire 3:05
Smoking soul, this song can start its own fire.

36: Pearl Jam – Unemployable 3:06
The least typical song and my favorite from Pearl Jam’s best disc since VS.

35: Tom Petty – Flirting With Time 3:15
Petty goes back to the roots aand regains himself after the flop of a disc that was the Last DJ

34: Drive By Truckers – Aftermath USA 3:16
A classic trailer park white trash anthem.

33: Willie Nile – Best Friends Money Can Buy 3:17
One of many great songs from a disc that is so below the radar most people don’t know it was even released, Willie Nile is one of the great underrated songwriters around today.

32: New York Dolls – Gimme Luv And Turn On The Lights 3:19
Despite losing multiple members over the past year or so, the Dolls proved they can
still bring the rock.

31: Outkast – Idlewild Blue (Don’tchu Worry About Me) 3:24
One of the couple gems on this year’s stinker of a film and album from Oukast


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