50 Great Singles of 2006 Part 5 of 5

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Today is the big finale to or weeklong celebration of the great singles or should’ve been singles from 2006. We counted down 50 great song starting rom the shortest, Nellie McKay’s 59 second pop gem, “Pounce”, to the longest, “Road to Peace” clocking in at just over 7 minutes from Tom Waits. A little over three hours of music in all to rock your week, so kick back and enjoy. And remember, if you heard something you liked please support the artists by buying cds and going to their shows. It’s what keep sthe great music coming.

10: Lucero – I Can Get Us Out Of Here Tonight 4:14
Why, why why are these guys still rolling along in relative obscurity. Someone needs
to send this to Brandon Flowers of The Killers so he can learn about the proper usage of a Springsteen influence.

9: TV on the Radio – I Was a Lover 4:21
Captivating in its own surreal way.

8: The Black Keys – Strange Desire 4:21
The best White Stripes song this year. Maybe they should be called the Jack Keys.

7: Elton John – Tinderbox 4:26
Elton rediscovers whatever it was he was tapping into during his classic seventies era and comes up with a song that easily holds up against his back catalog.

6: Wolfmother – Joker & The Thief 4:40
Just raw, sometimes overblown guitar rock. Three guys making an awesome racket, so simple you gotta love it.

5: Red Hot Chili Peppers – Dani California 4:43
You forgot these guys put out a great double album earlier this year, didn’t you ?

4: Grizzly Bear – On a Neck, On a Spit 5:46
Ethereal and majestic, like a soundtrack to a movie you haven’t seen. Grizzly Bear picked up a little bit of excessive hype this year, but they’re damn good in their own low key way.

3: Dixie Chicks – Voice Inside My Head 5:52
My favorite song from the sometimes controversial Taking The Long Way home disc.

2: Bob Dylan – Thunder On The Mountain 5:55
Bob Dylan. Like the energizer bunny on a tear, he just keeps them coming.

1: Tom Waits – Road To Peace 7:17
How do you narrow an album of 56 great songs down to just one pick ? Easily one of the most politically charged songs he’s ever done.


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