Easter Egg Hunt

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DVD Easter Eggs are special features not listed on the contents of a DVD. Often they’re outtakes or images you can only see by following a speical set of directions.
Here’s an example of four on the DVD of the movie Almost Famous.
Find a list with hundreds more of these “Easter Eggs” at Movieweb. Happy Hunting !

Almost Famous Untitled: The Bootleg Cut: Director’s Edition with CD DVD
You Spencer…Me, Jane!:
On Disc 2, the theatrical cut, go to the ‘Special Features’ option. Then access the ‘Cast’ option. Access the Fairuza Balk area. On page 1 of this menu, arrow UP! The “middle polaroid” will highlight. Press ENTER to select it and find a series of takes with Kate and Patrick on the re-take train to hell. A little over 9 minutes.

Hidden Deleted Scene:
Disc 1: From the main menu select SPECIAL FEATURES and arrow RIGHT once. Then arrow UP. The last POLAROID should be highlighted. Select it and watch a four minute deleted scene involving Penny Lane!

The Ghost Take:
On disc 1, go to the Audio Menu. Then highlight the “Commentary by Cameron Crowe” menu entry. Then press RIGHT on the remote control to highlight the middle/spindle of the record. Select it to get a special “Ghost Take”. This one’s a little creepy.

Insert the disc and wait for the Main Menu animation to start playing. Repeatedly press ‘DVD Menu’ on your remote until the menu freezes. A screen with 5 flowers should now appear.


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