One Pill Makes You Larger, And One Pill Makes You Small…

June 18, 2007 by
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Reviewer #10 from Mrs. Doyles’s 8th Grade Class has this to say upon hearing two tracks from the new White Rabbits album

Well I’m not sure which two songs Mrs. Doyle’s class got to listen to, but there’s a handful of really grooving tracks on the new White Rabbits debut disc, Fort Nightly. Overall, it only really hits it right about half of the time but when it does, it struts along like The Killers with a sense of swagger.

Check out the opening track Kid On My Shoulders with it’s propulsive keyboard rhythm part and staccatto guitars and try not to dance along. I ‘ve had this one on repeat all weekend long.

MP3: White Rabbits – Kid On My Shoulders



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