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September 27, 2007 by
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A couple weeks back for 5 On A Friday I posted some Arcade Fire covers, one of those was a amazing acapella version of Neon Bible by Operation Bumblebee.
On her blog she also regularly post videos that she has done, some of her singing, some not,all very artistic and captivating in a sort of surreal way. I’ve included one above for another acapella Arcade Fire cover she does, My Body Is Cage. Below are the audio for this and two other acapella songs from her blog. Stop on by there and check out the videos for these and more.

MP3: Operation Bumblebee – My Body Is A Cage [Arcade Fire]
MP3: Operation Bumblebee – The Knife [Grizzly Bear]
MP3: Operation Bumblebee – Mount Wroclai (Idle Days) [Beirut]

Here’s one of her non singing videos I really liked called “fireworks”

[Operation Bumblebee Blog]


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