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A random pick from the inbox todaythat caught my attention, a band from Nashville called Magic Wands. I’ll let them tell their story. Enjoy.

Here’s their info:
Magic Wands are a Nashville based girl/guy duo fronted by singers/guitarists Chris and Dexy.

The first time they met, the two only spoke briefly outside a show on in Hollywood in 2006 when Chris was visiting Los Angeles. They wouldn’t talk again for over a year.

In 2007 while living in Nashville, Chris found a song on Myspace that he listened to repeatedly, day and night. Soon he discovered it was a song by Dexy, called Teenage Love. He sent her a message, and soon the two began talking and exchanging mp3s of their music.

Having recently both quit playing punk music, they both agreed they wanted to start something completely different. For fun they began recording songs together over the internet, the first being a song Chris wrote for Dexy called Kiss Me Dead.

Most nights that summer they were on the phone until dawn, 2000 miles apart and talking about things like music, magic, love and dreams.

They would also send packages to each other—gifts such as toy lions, old records, handwritten poems, candy, clothes, plastic rings and one glowing heart lamp.

Quickly they decided they had to be together. So Chris came to L.A. to meet up with Dexy at an old bed and breakfast in the Hollywood Hills. They instantly hit it off— playing guitars, visiting old churches and wearing crowns they bought at a magic shop on Hollywood Blvd.

After Chris left, they decided they were destined to be. Two weeks later he was back in L.A. helping Dexy pack up her old Mercedes Benz for a trip across the country.

When they arrived in Nashville they began recording under the name Magic Wands, taken from one of Dexy’s favorite things that Chris sent her—a magic wand.

Currently Magic Wands are living together in Nashville and will release a ltd. EP in the Autumn.

Magic Wands – Black Magic
Magic Wands – Teenage Love



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