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Some brand new music to kick off what looks like is going to be a beautiful Fourth Of July holiday weekend here.
When I first heard Justin Kline back in fall of 2008 with his jangly debut with the Six Songs EP, I pegged him as an artist to watch and anxiously awaited his first full length. Sadly, just as he was wrapping up nearly a year’s work and putting the finishing touches on the new record, thieves broke in to the Nashville studio where he was recording and stole much of the recording equipment, including the only copy of the masters from his new record. Disheartened but undeterred, Justin has decided to release a second EP entitled Triangle which includes versions of a couple songs that were being worked on for the new record, and couple outtakes From his Six Songs EP, to listen to while he begins anew on re-recording his full length. Check out the the glorious sunshiney pop of Alison, We Cannot Be Friends and head on over to his website to hear some more from the the new EP as well as some older songs.

Justin Kline – Alison, We Cannot Be Friends
More from Triangle



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