5 On A Friday : Holiday Weekend

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Today’s 5 to kick off off the first big holiday weekend of the summer. The forecast here on the east coast after a week of rain is for three perfect days of sunny warm weather in a row. Enjoy, whatever you may be doing this Memorial Day weekend.

1: Sex Pistols – Holidays In The Sun
Buy Never Mind The Bollocks,Here’s The Sex Pistols
2: Albert Hammond Jr – Holiday
Buy Yours To Keep
3: The Bee Gees – Holiday
Buy Their Greatest Hits
4: The Old 97’s – Lonely Holiday
Buy Fight Songs
5: The Boggs – Holiday
Buy Forts

5 On A Friday : Warning Labels

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Artists and record labels have always maintained a somewhat tentative alliance. Here’s five on that relationship today from the artist’s point of view and a bonus sixth track from the other point of view, Joni Mitchell‘s tribute to David Geffen, Free Man In Paris.
All kind of inspired today by the release of Nick Lowe‘s rare track, I Love My Label which will be a bonus track on the upcoming 30th anniversary edition of the classic Jesus of Cool.

1: Nick Lowe – I Love My Label
Buy Jesus Of Cool 30th Anniversary Edition
2: Graham Parker – Mercury Poisoning
Buy Passion Is No Ordinary Word
3: The Format – The Compromise (acoustic)
Buy Live From The Living Room Volume One
4: The Sex Pistols – EMI
Buy Never Mind The Bollocks
5: Lynyrd Skynyrd – Workin’ For MCA
Buy Thyrty

Bonus: Joni Mitchell – Free Man In Paris
Buy Court And Spark

5 On A Friday : OMG WTF LOL

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So today’s 5 is really a byproduct of the insane shuffle on my iPod. Hmmmm, iPod byproducts, I guess that’s better than meat byproducts. The Van Halen song came on the other day and with the impending VH tour coming up I just had to work it into a post somehow. Hence today’s acronymtastic spectacular.
Got a favorite acronym titled song ? Leave a comment and let me know what i missed.

1: Ted Leo & The Pharmacists – CIA
Buy Living With The Living
2: Sex Pistols – EMI
Buy Never Mind The Bollocks
3: Van Halen – DOA
Buy Van Halen II
4: Sweet – ACDC
Buy Desolation Boulevard
5: The Tubes – WPOD
Buy The Tubes