5 On A Friday (On Saturday)

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John Lovrich behind the board at Snugfit Studios 10.03.08

Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in a day to fit everything in. Since I spent too many hours at work yesterday, and last night in the recording studio with my band(more on that to come), there was not a lot of time left over to post. So here’s this week’s 5 On A Friday, on Saturday.

1: Beverly Washburn – Everybody Loves Saturday Night
Buy Growing Up Too Fast
2: Tony Joe White – Saturday Night In Oak Grove, Louisiana
Buy Best Of
3: Tom Waits – (Looking For) The Heart Of Saturday Night
Buy Used Songs (1973-1980)
4: Velo Deluxe – Saturday
Buy Superelastic
5: Blitzen Trapper – Saturday Nite
Buy Furr

5 On A Friday : Angels

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Today’s five was kind of inspired by Shawn Fogel‘s excellent performance at Bag Of Songs night at the M Room a couple weeks ago. In his set, Shawn covered an excellent song by the band Velo Deluxe, it was a song I hadn’t heard before and with a bit of Shawn’s help I now have a copy of the Velo Deluxe version of the songs Angels for you today. Velo Deluxe was formed by John Strohm of the Blake Babies and The Lemonheads. Keeping with the theme four more angel related songs to round out today’s picks. Enjoy.

1: Velo Deluxe – Angels
Buy Superelastic
2: Gin Blossoms – Angels Tonight
Buy Up And Crumbling
3: Patti Smith – Ask The Angels
Buy Radio Ethiopia
4: Rilo Kiley – The Angels Hung Around
Buy Under The Blacklight
5: Social Distortion – When The Angels Sing
Buy White Light, White Heat, White Trash