Some More 2008 Odds And Ends

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Putting the best of 2008 to bed with a few more odds and ends. Here’s a couple great albums That I excluded from the Top 25 list.

The Swimmers – Fighting Trees [BUY]
This technically was offically released in 2008, but I had it number one in my best of 2007 so I excluded it from this year’s countdown. Read my take on it from last year’s top 25 here.

The Swimmers – It’s Time They Knew

Yeasayer – All Hour Cymbals [BUY]
This actually came out late in 2007 but I didn’t get to hear it until early this year. Had I included it would have been in the top 3 for sure. A hypnotic blend of heavily textured sounds and rhythms with layers of very spiritual sounding vocal harmonies woven throughout. Highly recommended if you like discs like Talking Heads Remain In Light or Paul Simon’s Graceland.

Yeasayer – 2080

Philadelphia area bands put out so many excellent records in 2008, Here’s a bunch all worthy of best of 2008 status:

Adam & Daves Bloodline – New Age Boredom EP
Aderbat – We Belong To The Sea
The Chimeras – Party Of God
Gildon Works – Artful Rifle
Dr. Dog – Fate
Man Man – Rabbit Habits
The Spinto Band – Moonwink

Roomtone – Hits & Mrs
Scary Monster – Makeout At Werewolf Club

Hell Yeasayer !

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Sure Yeasayer‘s All Hour Cymbals album came out last fall, but I somehow managed to avoid hearing any of it until now so I’m sure it’ll most likely be new to some of you too. I can’t seem to get the song 2080 off repeat the past week, but the rest of the album is excellent as well. It’s got a rhythmic folky vibe, but also a healthy dose of more ethereal electronic sounds, and lots of layered spiritual sounding vocals in the mix. It’s full of the familar, yet still somehwat disorienting as it all coalesces to sound completely different. Like one of those 3D holographic pictures where if you stare at it long enough an image suddenly appears. Hard to describe, but if you like this song, pick it up, as you’re sure to enjoy the rest. Missed them myself this time through Philadelphia on their tour with MGMT, but from what I’ve been hearing their live show is a must see as well.

MP3: Yeasayer-2080
Buy All Hour Cymbals