Joanie Loves Country

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“I think of this as my version of a country record,” explains Osborne, who admits that, although born and raised in Kentucky, she never really explored the genre until she relocated to New York in the early ‘80s.”I’m thinking about this album almost as if a film director decided to make a genre films — a western, then a romantic comedy, then a detective film. It’s a little like taking these genres that have certain constraints built in, then putting your own sensibility into it.”

And a fine job she does, with a little help from some friends like
Vince Gill, Allison Krauss, Sonny Landreth & Rodney Crowell, Joan has crafted a fine little country disc. Country in the way that acts like Rosanne Cash, Kim Richey or the Dixie Chicks are country, rooted deep in the traditional, yet still with enough of a modern flair to sound fresh and original. Plenty of soaring steel guitar and longing vocals add to the authentic feel.
The album includes six originals which easily hold their own against covers from the likes of Kris Kristofferson, Jerry Garcia & Robert Hunter,and Patty Griffin and others.

official website:

MP3: Joan Osborne – Tell Me How The Story Ends
Joan Osborne – Dead Roses

BUY IT: joan osborne

Artist To Watch : Daniel DeJesus

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If you never thought a cello could rock, you need to hear Daniel DeJesus. With a voice eerily reminiscient of Jeff Buckley and original songs that would make any indie band proud, he is something that must be heard. I’ve seen him a number of times, with and without a full band, and the experience is mindblowing to say the least. Daniel’s first CD From The Subconscious has recently been released and is one of the true originals of 2006.

If you’re going to be in Philadelphia this weekend or next be sure and check him out as he has a couple shows upcoming.

Nov 11 2006 12:30P Old City Fall Festival Philadelphia, PA
Nov 17 2006 7:00P 5th Street Coffee house at St Pauls Philadelphia, PA

myspace :
official website:

The DeJesus Official Biography
A classically trained cellist and native Philadelphian with influences ranging from Bach to Radiohead, DeJesus began writing at the age of 14, experimenting with the guitar and piano with the belief that those were the only instruments a true modern song writer would use. Not until hearing the band ‘Rasputina’ and the Austrian cello quartet ‘Apoctalyptica’, did he finally decide to shed his misconceptions, and begin writing for the cello and voice. It was a new sound, a sound that was his, and it felt natural. While attending the University of the Arts to study Illustration, DeJesus continued writing, but kept it a secret from friends and family. He also performed with artists such as KD Lang and Patti LaBelle, as well as writing string arrangments for local artists like Natalie Walker for her Daughter Darling Project. After mustering up some serious courage, Dejesus began performing some of his own material, and was amazed at the reactions. Following the suggestions of a few friends, he recorded some of his music, and put together a small homemade marketing package, truly believing his music was something worth sharing, and sent it out to local recording companies. It eventually hit the ears of Ted Richardson (Hunkpapa, Ultrahuman, and The Acoustic Alternative) of Noisia Records, which spawned a collaboration that has created an eclectic, but highly approachable sound to add to the cello and rock repertoire.

MP3: DeJesus – Bliss
DeJesus – Change
DeJesus – Over Over

Give ‘Em The Slip

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Okay, while everyone ws out voting and changing the world yesterday, The Slip was busy and kicking off a North American fall tour and inaugurating their own Eisenhower . A masterful blend of beatlesque pop songs and indie rock psychedelia, think Death Cab for Cutie meets Pink Floyd and you’ll start to get the idea. But don’t just take my word for it give it a listen.

MP3: The Slip – Mothwing Bite
The Slip – Even Rats

The Slip On Myspace
Official Website

Jim James of My Morning Jacket fell in love with their fresh exciting, sound and they will be opening a number of MMJ’s fall shows

The Slip Tour Dates

07 – Seattle, WA – Crocodile Café #
09 – Portland, OR – Dante’s #
10 – Ashland, OR – The Mobius #
11 – San Francisco, CA – The Independent #
12 – Los Angeles, CA – Knitting Factory #
15 – Boulder, CO – Fox Theatre #
16 – Denver, CO – Bluebird Theatre #
17 – Ft. Collins, CO – Aggie Theatre #
18 – Omaha, NE – Sokol Underground # ^
20 – Milwaukee, WI – Shank Hall #
21 – Madison, WI – Cafe Montmartre # ^
22 – Minneapolis, MN – First Ave & 7th Street Entry # ^
24 – Chicago, IL – Riviera Theatre * !
25 – Indianapolis, IN – Clowes Memorial Hall *
27 – Washington, DC – 9:30 Club *
28 – Washington, DC – 9:30 Club *
29 – Harrisburg, PA – Appalachian Brewing Company
30 – New York, NY – Roseland Ballroom *

01 – Philadelphia, PA – Electric Factory * $
02 – Boston, MA – Avalon Ballroom *
04 – Cleveland, OH – House of Blues *
05 – Champaign, IL – Univ. of Illinois *
07 – Guelph, ON – Club Vinyl # % +
08 – Hamilton, ON – Pepperjack’s # % +
09 – Toronto, ON – El Mocamo (Downstairs) %
14 – Burlington, VT – Higher Ground #
15 – Ottawa, ON – Barrymore’s # +
16 – Montreal, QC – TBA % +

* Opening for My Morning Jacket
# with The Lovely Feathers
^ with Bon Savants
+ with Land of Talk
% with Kill The Lights
! with Catfish Haven
$ with Benevento/Russo Duo

A special bonus studio track (Lonely Boy) available along with the album on iTunes.

BUY IT : the slip itunes (bonus track)


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It’s election day, vote, and exercise your right to participate in the power of democracy. Go ahead, change the world.

MP3: John Wesley Harding – Election Night
Joan Jett – Change The World

Bob Dylan in Techno-color

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R2D2 otherwise known as the one and only Ryan Adams gives a Bob Dylan classic the techno-synth sound effect treament. I’ve also posted the original fron Dylan’s Blood On The Tracks in case you may not be familiar with it. Now if we can only get Bob to cover Ryan’s Beck-like rap Look Who’s Got A Website Hmmmm.

MP3: R2D2(Ryan Adams) – You’re A Big Girl Now
Bob Dylan – You’re A Big Girl Now
DJ Reggie(Ryan Adams) – Look Who’s Got A Website

BUY IT : ryan adams bob dylan

what happens in Vegas…

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…stays in Vegas. Look who’s joining the likes of Wayne Newton and Celine Dion :

Associated Press
Prince Bringing Purple Reign to Vegas
Associated Press 11.01.06, 11:19 PM ET

Prince fans, fire up that Little Red Corvette and head for Las Vegas: the purple one will be performing there every weekend starting Nov. 10.
The diminutive rocker will play Friday- and Saturday-night shows at 3121, a nightclub inside the Rio hotel, according to a Wednesday news release by P R Plus, a Vegas firm representing the club.
Tickets for the 21-and-over shows cost $125 and will be available beginning Nov. 2.
Prince will also host Wednesday-night concerts at the club by other artists.
The Grammy winner, who once changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol, will perform at the club indefinitely, a P R Plus representative said.
Prince joins a growing contingent of songsters who have settled in Vegas hotels as regularly featured acts, including Celine Dion, Elton John, Barry Manilow and Toni Braxton.

Copyright 2006 Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed

official website :

Rodrigo Y Gabriela

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I caught these two by chance on the radio the other day doing their mindblowing version
of Stairway To Heaven and had to find out who it was. If you’ve ever dreamed of playing an acoustic guitar, be inspired, this stuff is incredible. Enjoy

From their myspace page (because I’m feeling lazy tonight):
Everything you’ve always wanted to know about Rodrigo Y Gabriela
Rodrigo (Sanchez) and Gabriela (Quintero) are two fast-fingered, Dublin-based, Mexicans with a unique sound created on acoustic guitars. Their music is difficult to define, straddling both world and rock, and often imbued with timeless Hispano .. classical influences. The fire in it comes from their life-long passion for metal music. This spring, “Rodrigo y Gabriela,” beat both the Arctic Monkeys AND Johnny Cash to number one in the Irish charts.

Rodrigo is a deft finger-picker who can move from raging speed to sensual soul in the space of a fret, while Gabriela employs fast, rhythmic techniques. Her percussionist’s thrashing of strings and drumming of the instrument’s body inevitably raises comparisons with flamenco .. which they acknowledge as an influence but swerve as a pigeonhole. The duo’s repertoire flies beyond familiar Latin folk guitarists’ styles because of the metal connection: their reworkings of Led Zep’s “Stairway to Heaven” and Metallica’s “Orion” are musts, and the presence, on “Ixtapa”, of the fiery Hungarian gypsy violinist, Roby Lakatos, is inspirational.

The Story
Rodrigo and Gabriela met as teenagers, at the Casa de Cultura (Culture House), in Mexico City, where Rodrigo’s brother was Director. Rodrigo was playing drums in his band Castlow – a code word he never revealed to Gabriela, and changed to Tierra Acida (Acid Earth) when she joined them on guitar. The couple drifted together through music; teenaged metal fanatics who both failed entrance to the Conservatory and moved into rock. Before joining Tierra Acida, Gabriela ran three girls’ bands, Las Brujas (The Witches), Subterraneo and Las Formigas (The Ants) at once: Terra Acida had a disciplined work ethic: “It was mental!” she recalls, “we rehearsed five hours a day, every day, with very short breaks, and not much talking!”

Tierra Acida played in Mexico City’s roughest clubs and lived off day-jobs (Gabriela taught Metallica riffs to local kids; Rodrigo at a TV station, doing music for programmes). They recorded an album but wouldn’t sign the record contract, planning instead to concentrate on learning more guitar styles. In fact, they just hung out with friends and survived by playing bossa novas in the hotel bars. “Then we decided to travel to Europe”.

Their first port of call was Dublin, Ireland. “It was the most unknown place to us”, explains Gabriela, the talkative one. “Also, a Mexican girl offered us her house there.” They landed in Dublin at night, spoke no English, and had $1,000 between them. They found a note on the door saying actually, sorry, but they couldn’t stay there after all, so the taxi driver drove them round hostels and hotels all night. Eventually they rented a place – and soon the money disappeared: “So – we had to busk”. That was 1999: “We were very exotic specimens!” They built a reputation and landed gigs in people’s homes, at wedding parties and gallery openings, playing covers and their own compositions, “We still wanted to be metal composers, but everything came out as Latin!”

Dublin was booming then, with new music venues and galleries and a thriving rock scene, and the two Mexicans jammed with local folk musicians in the bars. In winter, they moved to Denmark and started again – this time busking at minus three degrees! The brief Copenhagen experience inspired two numbers on this album, “Diablo Rojo”, a scary roller-coaster ride in the city, and “Viking Man”, their nickname for a homeless man they befriended, who pushed them into busking on the freezing streets.

Next, they hit Barcelona, but this time, the club owners assumed they played Mariachi, and wouldn’t let them play in their own unique style, so Rod & Gab ended up jamming on Barca’s main drag Las Ramblas getting heavy duty hassle from the Catalan cops. Just in time, a call came from Ireland to come back and play the newly opened Sugar Club. Damian Rice, then a busking friend, invited them to support his shows, and in 2003, they released “Re-Foc”, and a year later, “Live Manchester and Dublin,” which both launched them onto the World Music circuit .. and beyond.

The Music
Rodrigo and Gabriela describe their style as ‘Fusion music’: “It’s mainly got Latin harmonies and rhythms but the structure is rock. It’s not jazz because it’s structured, and we don’t improvise; our solos are exactly what’s on the record, as a metal fan and guitarist you always want to hear the same f**king solo!”

Influences range from family salsa records to Gabriela’s aunt’s Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Queen, and Led Zeppelin vinyl, with Rodrigo also embracing a similar classic rock lineage. But, crucially, they grew up during Mexico’s ‘metal era.’ “People expected two acoustic guitarists would play classical music, but we dropped in extracts from Led Zep, Hendrix and Metallica, then we did the same with “Stairway to Heaven!” Their music is instrumental “with very lyrical themes.”

Mentions of flamenco influences raise sharp responses: “To many music fans, it sounds like flamenco, and we’re great flamenco fans, but we don’t play it” says Gabriela. “The only similarity is that our music is guitar music and it’s very rhythmic.”

official website
myspace page
hear Stairway To Heaven and three others there

MP3: Rodrigo Y Gabriela – Diablo Rojo

BUY IT : rodrigo y gabriela

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