5 On A Friday : Leap Year Bonus Day !

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In honor of Leap Year day today, that bonus day that only comes around every four years, here’s five “bonus” tracks for you.

1: Elvis Costello – Mystery Dance (Acoustic Version)
Buy My Aim Is True
2: John Wesley Harding – Jackson Cage
Buy Awake
3: The Killers – All The Pretty Faces
Buy Sam’s Town
4: Nirvana – Verse Chorus Verse
Buy No Alternative
5: Ryan Adams – Twice As Bad As Love
Buy Love Is Hell Part 2

Mercy, Mercy, Mercy

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Hot. Hot. Hot. Get up and shake your thing because this song absolutely smokes. It’s the brand new Duffy single, the retro soul Mercy, as performed on Later With Jools Holland.

Run RunRunner, Run

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Today’s random song of the day is from Philadelphia’s RunRunner, That’s What You Get is an addictive nugget of of power-pop-punk, chock full of crunchy guitars that’ll have you turning it up and singing along in no time. And be sure to pick up the RunRunner album for nine more songs just as good.

RunRunner :
Graham Gormley- Guitar and Vocals
David Kain- Bass and Vocals
Adam Herndon- Drums and Vocals

MP3: RunRunner – That’s What You Get
Buy RunRunner


Monday Morning Blues : John Barrett’s Bass Drum Of Death

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Something new to start your Monday off. Hailing from Oxford, Mississippi, John Barrett’s Bass Drum Of Death consists of John Barrett playing an assortment of instruments himself- guitar, bass drum, vocals, shaker, tambourine, etc. It’s a raw, rootsy, footstomping, hand clapping, blend of music that’s as rooted in the traditional blues like Robert Johnson or Elmore James as it is in the current wave of artists like The White Stripes or The Black Keys.

John recorded these songs himself and is releasing them free via his myspace page as well as selling them on cassette at his live shows. Check out his myspace for some more and be sure catch him out playing live somewhere near you.

MP3: John Barrett’s Bass Drum Of Death – P Ghost
MP3: John Barrett’s Bass Drum Of Death – My Baby’s Layin In The Ground
MP3: John Barrett’s Bass Drum Of Death – Slow Eyes
More at Myspace

Upcoming Shows
Mar 6 2008 8:00P Juanita’s (w/ DM+HMU, MIDWEST CARAVAN, FRIENDLY FRIENDS) Little Rock, AK
Mar 7 2008 10:00P Springwater (w/ HAMMERTORCH, DM+HMU) Nashville, TN
Mar 8 2008 10:00P Go Bar (w/ DM+HMU) Athens, GA
Mar 9 2008 10:00P The Cave (w/ DM+HMU) Chapel Hill, NC
Mar 10 2008 10:00P Spazzatorium (w/ DM+HMU, TWANCE COP, SHAMS) Greenville, NC
Mar 11 2008 8:00P The Party Pit (early show w/ DM+HMU, MONUMENT) house party, Washington DC
Mar 11 2008 10:00P DC9 (w/ MIKAL EVANS) WASHINGTON, Washington DC
Mar 12 2008 9:00P Hullabaloo @ Matchless (w/ DM+HMU, 2 TBA) Brooklyn, NY
Mar 14 2008 10:00P Smog @ Bard College (w/ DM+HMU, FROG EYES) Annandale-on-Hudson, NY
Mar 15 2008 10:00P Pete’s Candy Store (w/ DM+HMU, ANDY FRIEDMAN) Brooklyn, NY


Bag Of Songs Special Event : QUIZZO Monday March 3rd @ The Khyber

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Hell Yeasayer !

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Sure Yeasayer‘s All Hour Cymbals album came out last fall, but I somehow managed to avoid hearing any of it until now so I’m sure it’ll most likely be new to some of you too. I can’t seem to get the song 2080 off repeat the past week, but the rest of the album is excellent as well. It’s got a rhythmic folky vibe, but also a healthy dose of more ethereal electronic sounds, and lots of layered spiritual sounding vocals in the mix. It’s full of the familar, yet still somehwat disorienting as it all coalesces to sound completely different. Like one of those 3D holographic pictures where if you stare at it long enough an image suddenly appears. Hard to describe, but if you like this song, pick it up, as you’re sure to enjoy the rest. Missed them myself this time through Philadelphia on their tour with MGMT, but from what I’ve been hearing their live show is a must see as well.

MP3: Yeasayer-2080
Buy All Hour Cymbals


5 On A Friday : Shoveling Some Snow Off My Driveway AKA Digging Out My Inbox

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Today’s 5 is a little delayed by my hectic day not helped by the bit of snow today on the east coast, digging out now from under the backlog of music in my inbox with a variety pack for you.
Let me know what you think. Smash? or Trash? Leave a comment.

1: Ben Kamen – Clouds And Snow
Buy Dreams LTD Edition
2: Lipstik – Call The Doctor
Buy Everything Is Good
3: Static Of The Gods – Peluche
Buy Cycles Follow Signs
4: Air Traffic – Come On
Buy Fractured Life
5: The Dodos – Jody
Buy The Visiter

LIVE : 02.20.08 Black Mountain , Bon Iver @ Johnny Brenda’s

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A few pictures from last nights dazzling, sold out Black Mountain and Bon Iver show at Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia. Bon Iver‘s hushed acoustic numbers took on an even greater intensity as they opened with a set that held the audience in silent rapture for the whole thing. It reminded me a lot of the shows Ryan Adams used to do with just himself and a guitar in his early post Whiskeytown days. A powerful quiet intensity. Black Mountain then turned it around 180 degrees with their thundering psychedelic juggernaut of sound. Playing a set consisting of mostly material from their new In The Future disc and closing out with a blistering encore of Don’t Run Our Hearts Around from their first disc. A stunning live band not to be missed if their tour comes near your city. Check out more photos from SinABox Camera along with Carly’s excellent writeup of the show over at Girl About Town.

Bon Iver
Black Mountain

New Music : Chelsea Taube

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A brand new song today from Chelsea Taube, one of my absolute favorite unsigned songwriters that I’ve featured here at Bag Of Songs. Someone give this girl a record deal.

MP3: Chelsea Taube – She Cheats
more at Myspace

Brand New Music From Canadian Invasion : My Swashbuckling Days Are Over

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Some brand new music today from one of my favorite Philadelphia bands. The jangly guitars and sweet sounding harmonies of Canadian Invasion. You may have heard the song My Swashbuckling Days are Over played on WXPN recently. BIG thanks to Andy from the band for supplying me with the “exclusive internet premiere” of the track for you all. It’s from their upcoming cd recorded with Philadelphia’s amazing producer Brian McTear (also responsible for last year’s brilliant disc from the Philly’s A-Sides). Based on what I’ve heard so far it’s going to be a power pop gem and a surefire contender for one of 2008’s best discs. Check it out.

MP3: Canadian Invasion – My Swashbuckling Days Are Over

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