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America may have The Hold Steady, but The UK has The Fratellis. Like the bastard child of the punk rock Buzzcocks and 70’s glam T.Rex they spin frenetics blasts of pop about boys and girls and all that goes on thereabouts. Or as the bio blurb on their website puts it :

So Mince was a stoner,Barry was a car thief and Jon was just a jon.
stovable loners meet frustrated aristocratic nymphs. Where shoefetishists will
go to the gang fight and where Stacie Anne meets the Budhill boys in the back

With names like Barry,Mince and Jon these Glasgow boys may sound like understudies for the Bay City Rollers, but they know how to kick out the rock and roll. They’ve spent the last year tearing up the UK, playing over 140 shows. Now they’re bringing it to the US, the Flathead EP was just released to Itunes, and their debut full length Costello Music(currently only available in the UK) hits US shores on March 13th.
Here’s a couple tunes for you, Chelesa Dagger – one of their UK singles from earlier this year, and Country Boys and City Girls – number 5 in a series of free mp3s they’re giving away on their website as part of what they’re calling The Budhill Singles Club.

The Fratellis are from Glasgow, Scotland and are :
Jon Fratelli – vocals, guitar
Mince Fratelli – drums, vocals
Barry Fratelli – bass, shouting

website :
myspace :

MP3: The Fratellis – Chelsea Dagger
The Fratellis – Country Boys And City Girls

iTunes : The Flathead EP
Amazon :
Costello Music(UK Import Edition)


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