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It all starts out so non chalant, one of the girls you work with swings by your desk on a Friday afternoon and asks what you’re doing later. She says “A bunch of us are going out for happy hour in the city after work,why don’t you come with us”. You mull it over in your mind for a split second,a dvd, pizza, and a six-pack or hanging out with real people, and then answer “Sure I’ll see you there”. You’re wound up like a spring from sitting all week behind a desk at a job that makes the work environment in the movie “Office Space” seem like it would be a resort vacation compared to what you’re doing. At 5:00 you jump in your car and head to the bar. It’s a non descript chain style restaurant with the usual watered down happy hour drink specials, but you’re not really there for the atomosphere you’re there to drink away your week. You order a Heineken and grab a seat between Bill the mailroom guy and Jennifer the flirty receptionist who sits in the lobby. Bill’s a little older but he always attends these things to forget about the wife and kids for a couple hours. He quietly sneaks off to quiet spot near the coat check to call his wife and tell her something’s come up and he’s going to have to work late again. Jennifer starts chatting you up about how great a show Grey’s Anatomy is and how Dr. McDreamy is the shit. You nod while sensing a headache coming on slam what’s left of your first beer and order another. Bill returns to continue his dream quest for Jennifer, the short black skirt and boots she’s wearing only fuel his futile effort. You spy some more coworkers and quietly slip away. You stroll into the middle of a conversation between Nick the loud guy from accounting, and three exceptionally hot girls from the marketing department. Nick’s explaining the merits of using Tivo for watching football games without commericals. Kelly the shallow blond who thinks Tivo is a new perfume from Chanel stares longingly into Nick’s eyes. Her friends Stacy and Ann stand quietly by, attentive but not really paying attention. Nick decides to buy everyone shots of tequila, you gladly oblige and chase it down with another beer. You start talking to Stacy and Ann. You don’t really know them, but you say hi to them in the hallways at work so there’s that familiarity of seeing each other all the time. After what seems like minutes of interesting conversation, you look at your watch and it’s closing in on 10:00, where did those hours go. You’re all feeling the fuzziness of the alcohol kicking in. Stacy suggests you all go to the trendy new dance club in town. Sounds like a good idea so you go along. Ann calls a couple of her friends and tells them to meet you there. The three of you head out. The club is a haze of multilevel dance floors,smoke, lasers and pounding dance music. You all grab a drink and check out the scene in the room. No matter how hard you try at this point, the lights never really seem bright enough for you to focus on anything. Suddenly you find yourself dancing on a platform in the middle of the club with Ann. Next thing you know, you’re making out with her in some dark corner.
How the hell did you get there, you’re not sure. It’s now closing in on 3:30 am, and now you’re all at someone’s apartment that you don’t even know. A bottle of vodka is being passed around and a few people are off in a corner smoking. The television is on the infomercial channel and music is being played loud enough to be disorienting. The next thing you know you’re waking up to the sun streaming through the windows, on the sofa, a under a blanket with a half naked girl that you don’t even know. What the hell happened, your head is pounding mercilessly,and the last thing you remember is “Hey, lets go dancing”

That is Myth Takes.
Put on the headphones, turn it up real loud, and descend dancing into the black hole of your psyche.
Coming March 4th 2007

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